I’m so excited about this! 😀
The first episode is finally here!
Let’s begin!
The first character we see, is Nick. He is a drug addict living in an abandoned building, with his girlfriend (i think).
How freaky is it to see someone you know eating another human being!
I’m pretty sure no one is going to believe him…And things will get ugly! Not that i was expecting happy endings!
Aww! And there’s the happy family! Getting ready for work and school, like a normal family! You won’t believe what’s going to happen in the next few days! If you are alive to see it 😛 But trust me when i say, you won’t be happy for long!
This kid at school knows something! But of course no one is going to believe him either! GOD! And that is why humanity is doomed! We should blame that on the internet too Miss C!
 Alicia Matt
Aww! We also meet the cute couple Matt-Alicia. Teenagers in love, talking about the future! I have a feeling this will not end well for one of them!
Of course Travis, go to an abandon place alone. In the middle of the night. Where someone was eating someone else. That’s the right thing to do! Jeeeez!
Nick, what are you doing man…First telling your sister, you are ending it, and then wearing these beautiful clothes and running away?
And then there is Cal. Nick’s friend, who is so worried and helpful! Cal you are sooooo lying…You’ve seen Nick, i know it! You can’t fool me!
Well, now everyone has seen what is happening, on the news but will they believe it? No, NO they won’t. I already know the answer to this! When people can’t understand something, they don’t believe it. Either in a movie, or in reality, it’s always the same! That’s a fact.
Oh, Cal, here you are, 5 minutes later, proving me right! You are the f-king drug dealer! You are full of shit my friend. FULL of shit! Nick, you did right killing him(not for long though)! Don’t worry about it!
The last scene was awesome! The first time the really saw what a “zombie” is! Cal on the ground with all of his bones broken, and yet still alive! I’m really curious to see, what their explanation will be in the next episode!
First episode is over! I liked the introduction to the characters. Two people that are trying to work things out with their children, a guy dealing with drug addiction and a girl who wants to leave town and go to university. We see some normal people living their lives, dealing with the everyday life problems, having plans for the future! It is good, that we will see the characters reacting to everything that is happening. I want to see who survives and becomes a badass, or who dies in first season!

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