I knew it. I Knew this couple was doomed,but i thought the death would have happened later! Alicia, i don’t want to be the one to tell you this, but he is not sick.
Matt Alicia
I changed my mind. This family has some problems!
The people are pissed with the police. They want to start a revolution when they shouldn’t! Stay home people, STAY home!
Nick is strangling with his addiction and as much as Alicia wants to leave him and go, she cares about him and she knows that he needs her.
I think everyone should follow Tobias. He knows what he is doing! Come on Madison, what are you looking at?? Artie is about to eat Tobia’s face! Nice! The first badass kill in ftwd! Well done Madison! I think you have a bright future ahead of you!
Why no one is telling alicia what is really happening? This is going to get her killed! Just tell her, “He is not hurting her, he is eating her”. Is that so hard?
And also, i don’t know if the family at the store is going to be in the next episodes, but they look like main cast.
In this episode, none of the main characters died, so in the next episode we should prepare ourselves for a death!

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