The revolution continues. Humans and zombies work together against the police.

Our guys are still in the barber shop. They still wait for the crazy people outside, to leave. Finally, they decided to go outside!

Really? Monopoly? The world is coming to an end, and they play monopoly? We are doomed!


Of course Grizelda is hurt. I knew she wouldn’t last long! Oh god, even the dog knows what’s going on and Alicia still doesn’t. Someone just tell her already. She’s not 12.

I really want to see what Travis is going to do with the zombie. Nope, nothing… Thank god, Daniel was there!


Alicia, he just saved you, and you break his nose? A thank you would have been enough!

Madison Travis

Travis, just let Madison open that zombie’s head, sorry, Susan’s head! Madison, don’t be weak, like Daniel said!

The army came to the rescue! I pretty sure that’s bad! In the movies they usually screw things up more! Let’s see where this will lead us!

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