Ok, am i the only one who thinks this little “town” will not be safe for long?Nick Oh Nick, that’s not cool man! Your addiction will put everyone’s life in danger. Sonn you won’t be able to find your dose. You better get over it. I knew something was wrong, when Madison gave him the pill and he said he didn’t want it. That was not something Nick would do. It’s only the 4th episode, but i think i kinda know him. I think Eliza can be a good doctor. She knows things, that can really help the team. I think this doctor is not here for good. i don’t think she is here to really help. And Nick, i think your mother is pissed. She wanted to help you get over your addiction little by little, but you didn’t like that plan.Nick taken Oh and now the doctors are taking away the people that are hurt! And Nick? They will get angry! I still don’t think that the military will help them! Pointing your guns to innocent and unarmed people is not very helpful guys. You just took kinda violently Nick and Grizelda, how did you think their families whould have reacted? Eliza, don’t go with them, your peoplewill need you more in the future! Travis Travis really? Now you believed that there are people outside your “safe” town? Jeez!   This episode was intresting. I want to know where are they taking the sick people of the town! I don’t think Nick, Eliza and Grizelda will die there, but i’m pretty sure they are in danger. Can’t wait to find out!


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