Woa, this guy in the cell really seems like he has a plan!

Everyone lost someone in the previous episode, and they have a right to be angry! And angry people do crazy stuff!

Eliza, i know you went there to help, but i think you are trapped!


Woooo, Daniel already made his move! He took his shirt off! That’s not good! Poor guy, get ready! I don’t know if they will find out something though! And Ofilia will be disappointed!


Meanwhile Travis goes on a field trip! That’s interesting! I can’t wait for the time he will actually kill a “zombie”, “rotten”? “walker”?? I don’t know 😛 I’ll call them “Sick” just for fun!

Alicia Chris

Oh! Alicia and Chris are bonding! Though i don’t know if they are bonding as siblings, or as something else! I don’t know if i find it weird for them being a couple, cause technically they are not real siblings. And let’s be honest, in a zombie apocalypse you there are not many people to choose from!

This guy reaaally knows something! I can’t wait to see it! And he is going to team up with Nick. I think they will be a great team!

Poor Grizelda! I knew she wouldn’t last long.. :( She wasn’t born to survive a zombie apocalypse.

I’m really looking forward for the next episode! It’s the last, and i’m waiting for some action! And some deaths! Let’s see!!

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