The Final episode of the season is here! I’m really excited!

The beginning is intense! I know that these locks won’t keep the dead inside for long! Our people need to leave or get ready. Although the world is filled with zombies and nowhere is safe anymore.

Daniel just tortured this guy and letting him go it’s not a good idea. I don’t think taking him with them is a good idea either.


Woa, these are a lot of zombies! It’s the first time they show that many zombies together in this show! But still, what i like is that they writers are still focusing on the characters and not the dead!

Ok, leaving the guy go was not very wise Travis. I’m pretty sure he will do something bad! He was tortured and i don’t think a person can be that forgiving.

Alicia Chris

Something is going to happen to Chris and Alicia. It’s too quiet there! That’s never a good sign…Oh no! I knew it!! Ohhh! Look at Chris defending Alicia! Nice punch Chris! Good job! He needed that!

I hope they find Eliza! She is really in danger there. I’m sure Nick will be safe with Strand. It really seems like he knows what he’s doing!

The zombies are getting closer. They can’t hold them back. They should all leave! It’s a battle they can’t win. No matter how many guns they have, the zombies will have the upper hand. I don’t see the point of freeing everyone from the cages. They have nowhere to go. They are all going to die on the next scene. Oh no…Nick’s in danger. Oh god! Open the dooooorrrrrrr! OPEN IT! Yes! ELIZA! Good job! Now everyone is together. That’s good! Oh god there are too many zombies, Was anyone bit? I don’t think so! That was intense! pfff!!


I KNEW ITTT! Andy came back for revenge..Pfff. They never learn..OFILIA!! He f-king shot her! Travis is pissed!! I didn’t think i would ever see Travis so angry.


Something is wrong. Oh noooo. Poor Eliza! Someone was bit after all… I thought she would be one of the lead characters. She was the “doctor”, and a doctor is always useful in a zombie apocalypse. Poor Chris, that will break him.

The last episode was awesome! Many things happened! The first season is over, and i can’t wait for the next one to start!

A lot of people say that they don’t like FTWD because the don’t deal with zombies a lot. But, that’s why i like it so much! If i want to see zombies and killings i can watch the walking dead. In this show we learn about the characters and we will be able to see how they change and adapt to the new environment. That’s what makes this show so good!

Did you know that at the end of season 1 of FTWD, Rick’s still deep in his coma!?

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