“Pike’s twisted crusade threatens Clarke’s attempts for peace. Raven becomes a target, while Murphy tries to conspire against Jaha.”

This episode is going to make me aaangry!! Bellamy be careful, You’re about to enter my hate list!

I hate how they say in the beginning that peace is a foreign concept in this land. I know this isn’t the first time to hear that, but in this episode it made me extremely angry. In my opinion Skaikru messed things up many times. Thousands of grounders are dead because of that. Grounders saw Skaikru as a threat because they landed on grounder land. Bellamyyyyyyy…GOD…


Someone should kill Pike already… Before it’s too late…Jus drein Jus daun. This land is not your Pike. It never was. There were people here before you come down.

IndraPrepare for everything to go the hill. This time it was Skaikru who betrayed Trikru. Bellamy, that was the best you could do? You only convinced Pike to let Indra live to deliver a message? Good job. Heda has every right to be angry . You can see the pain and the anger in Lexa’s eyes. Arkadia is to blame for this massacre.

Really Bellamy? You went too far? You think?? Pff…

Jaha is back! Finally, we get to see that storyline too! I didn’t like him at first, but now his story is getting interesting! Murphy and Emori, The lovebirds became thieves! Finally Murphy found something that makes him happy. Jaha-Pike. Really, at the moment I can’t say anything. I don’t know where this will lead. But I’m pretty sure everyone thinks that Jaha went crazy.

Clarke, if you get in Arkadia, you will get in trouble. Lexa is right. You were with the enemy and Pike will not be happy to see you.


Don’t you dare to hurt Lincoln. Bellamy, what’s wrong with you. He was your friend. Thank you Lincoln for the punches you gave! Some people really needed them!

I’m speechless with Bellamy in this episode. First he agrees with Pike and now he tells Octavia to change because he will not be able to protect her anymore… Stop this Bellamy, People that you love will turn against you.

Bellamy I thought he told Clarke that she did the right thing in Mount Weather, and now he tells her it’s all her fault? And he puts handcuffs on her? Jaha, please go give him that pill. Maybe he will calm down. Thank god Octavia came in time to help Clarke. They need to leave as soon as possible…

Sacred symbol

Whoa Whoa Whoa.. Wait a minute. The grounders know about that infinity symbol? They know ALIE? I’m really curious to know. I have a feeling this is very bad! If the gounders know, then ALIE communicated with them… Sh*t just got real!

Clarke has her way to convince everyone! I’m sure that “Blood must not have blood” will get Lexa in trouble. Indra is right. People will not be happy about it. And am I the only one to believe that even if Lexa doesn’t attack, Pike will continue the war? Lexa, don’t soften up. I know you think it’s for the best and you do it for Clarke too, but if you soften up i think you’ll die. You will lower you guard.

And i hope Indra won’t turn against Lexa. I have a bad feeling about this..A VERY bad feeling…


At this point I think Raven will take that pill. She hurts, and not only physically. I like her face when she thinks that the pill works! She’s like “What the….!!?”

I’m pretty sure, ALIE wanted Raven for something. She wanted Jaha to convince Raven first. Maybe she needed a mechanic on her team. Something very bad is going to happen, soon!

Ok, I know I was hating a little bit too much on this episode, but you can’t blame me! Everyone is acting crazy! And YouKnowWho made me very angry! I have no clue what to expect in the next episode! I can’t wait to see!

The 100 will take a two week break after the episode 8. But whyyy??

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