“After leaving Camp Arkadia due to her inability to accept her actions, Clarke sets out on her own, dealing with her emotions while encountering new challenges. Camp Arkadia begins to see political turmoil as the hunger for power mounts.”


Season 2 left us with a lot of anger and sadness. Mount Weather is gone, and so is everyone that was inside (and Maya :'(). Jaha found the City of Light(and this strange woman ALIE, who i’m pretty sure will do something veeeeery stupid). Finally Clarke left Arkadia because she felt guilty for killing all those people in Mount Weather.

Murphy gets craaaazyyy. I kinda feel sorry for him. Well if i had to sit alone in a room for 86 days watching this creepy home movie, i would have tried to kill myself too. I wanted to see the video he was watching though. It think i had many important details in it!
Jaha, Oh Jaha…Murphy haaates you! (so do i a little bit :P) At least he found Emori, that’s something! The Memori fans will be happy!
I hate what they did to jasper. I really liked that character, but i think i won’t like him for long. He lost people he cared about, and he is sad and angry. I get that. But getting drunk all day and putting others in danger, is not a cool move. And also is not very normal, laughing with a knife in your neck. I’m pretty sure he’ll become worse and i am afraid that he will be gone till the end of this season. Everyone has lost someone close to them. But they got up and moved on. Jasper you can do it! Don’t fall into the rabbit hole…
Oh Gina, You’re going to have a looo ot of haters out there! Brace yourself, hate comments are coming! The Bellarke shippers are not going to be happy with this relationship! I think they look good together though! I can’t wait to see where this relationship will go! (Probably nowhere :P)
Poor Raven, POOR Raven! You went through a lot and bad things keep happening to you. I feel sorry for her. Everyone is trying to fix her. We have to wait for the next accident that’s going to happen. Maybe she gets hit by a car or something (which doesn’t happen a lot in these series). POOR Raven..
Now, let’s talk about Wanheda. Everyone is after her. Especially this dude with the paint on his face. I don’t fully understand why. I know she killed everyone in Mount Weather, but she just pussed a botton. She’s changed a lot since we last saw her. After all she is the Commander of Death. Red hair, fierce look aaand Niylah. Another “couple” that will have haters! In this case, both bellarke and clexa shippers will be the haters 😛 Jessica Harmon get ready!
Did you know that Jessica (Niylah) and Richard (Murphy) are siblings? They kinda look alike!
This episode was a good introduction for the new season! I want to see what will happen with Clarke and that dude that took her and also i want to see what jaha will do with ALIE.(something bad i suppose)


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