“Now with Clarke in her possession, Lexa has the power to force Skikru to become one with the grounders. Kane and Abby journey to the Polis Summit, while the Ice Nation prepares to draw first blood against Skikru and the other grounder clans.”

Clarke is angry! That betrayal still hurts. But i have to agree with Lexa on this one. I’m pretty sure Clarke would have taken the deal too. And i think Eliza (Clarke) said that too. Anyway, making skaikru one of the clans, will make some people very angry (Pike)!
It is so funny when they say “Go float yourself” haha! And especially when they say it to people that have no clue what that means(Lexa)! I will start using it 😛
 Lexa kick It was so good seeing Lexa doing the “this is Sparta” kick! Oh, he deserved it! I hope Queen Nia gets the message, that he happily delivered! hehe!
Oh prince, You look good, but don’t give Clarke the knife, she is angry and she will do something stupid!
Kane! I didn’t like you at first, but now, look at you! Learning Trigedasleng, being good to people and being wise! I agree that you can be a better leader that Abby. But i don’t think an election is a good move.
 Lexa Clarke
Come on Clarke, you can’t kill Lexa, don’t kid yourself! Just take the bow and get done with it. we all know you are going to do this eventually.
What can i  say about the last minutes of this episode. whooaa.
First, we have that bitch Echo. I liked Echo, but now i want her dead. I didn’t think she was going to do that…
Then,we have Lexa bowing to Clarke, which is a huge move to prove her loyalty to the Skaikru, or a move to show that she really regrets betraying Clarke.
We have the creepy dude in Mount Weather. He kills everyone, including Gina, which i knew it would have happened eventually. And also Raven gets hurt, AGAIN. Jesus…Raven, i fear for your life..
Clarke bow
Skaikru becomes the 13th clan and Kane takes the mark.
Queen Nia
And finally, we see Queen Nia talking with Echo, Emerson and the ambassadors. WTF O_O
I liked that episode! So many important things happened! I’m sure the next one will be awesome too!
The song that was playing when Clarke was bowing to Lexa is called “Take a life with me” and it’s the grounder’s anthem!

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