“Clarke discovers the mastermind behind a devious plan, while Kane struggles to keep the peace. Meanwhile, Jasper’s grief drives him to reckless behavior.”

In the beginning of this episode, we see Ice Queen being a bitch and the ambassadors turning their backs to Heda. “Nou heda noumou”. Noope!

Poor Titus, noone is listening to you. pff…
Lexa Nia
I kinda want to see Lexa fight with Roan! I think it’s gonna be epic!
“Ai laik heda. Non na throu daun gon ai”
“I’m the commander. No one fights for me”
Don’t throw rocks at Lincoln! God..What did he do? He sits there, he accepts all of your crap, and that’s what he gets..Octavia, please take Lincoln and get out of there, before it’s too late, oh! and take Raven with you, because i think she will blow up again…Although, i can say that i have a bad feeling about Raven. She’s been through a lot, and i hope she won’t lose it.
Clarke you had one job! Kill the Queen. How hard could it be? Instead, you pissed her off. Not that she didn’t already hate Skaikru 😛
I like the storyline with the Natblida children! I like seeing more of the grounder stories this season!
Lexa vs Roan
In this episode no one has faith in Lexa.Everyone thinks she’s going to die! She became commander for some reason.
There’s nothing i can say about the fight! It was awesome! I’m glad Queen Bitch is dead! JUS DREIN JUS DAUN! Yey Lexa!
What’s wrong with everyone in this episode? Jasper is even crazier, throwing Finn’s ashes on the ground(Monty, it was time to talk to Jasper like that).
Bellamy Pike
Bellamy, teams up with Pike. PIKE?? Really Bellamy? I liked you man and now you’re going to do something very stupid… I HATE PIKE!!!!! Bellamy, what the hell man? What are you thinking?
Pike becomes the counselor. PIKE? Really? He is going to mess everything up…He is going to attack the people who went there to protect skaikru..And Indra..Pff. I can’t stress enough how much i hate pike!
 Lexa tattoo
Oh! The last scene was for all the clexa shippers out there! And lexa finally smiles! What does her back tattoo mean? I have no clue. J.Rothenberg said that lexa got her back tattoo 3 months after Mt Weather. It kinda looks like something falling from the sky though. Maybe the ark?
The next episode is going to make me so angry! I know it! And i hope there is some Jaha- Murphy in it. I want to learn more about that storyline too! Oh, and pike, you will screw everything up, but don’t you dare kill Indra!

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