I decided to start watching the Daredevil. I like Marvel’s movies and series, so why not that one too! Also, i would like to get to know Daredevil better before the Defenders come out!

This is a guy that went through a lot in his life. It’s only been ten minutes, but i already like Matty!

Fight i like how during the fight scene that guy next to the sea keeps watching like it’s a movie! It kinda reminds me of Scary movie 3, Brenda vs The ring  😛 ok, let’s get back on track!

How many bullets does that gun have!?

Actually, in all the series i’ve seen, the guns have unlimited ammo!

I like the intro, it’s dark and the music makes it even better!

Ok, at this point i’m trying to figure out which are the main characters besides Daredevil. I think Foggy is one of the main. I have no clue about the cop and the real estate agent.

Dead body

Ok, this girl is in a pretty messed up situation. Murder weapon in her hands, next to the victim. It does not look good! I think she is innocent, and as we all now, “Everyone is innocent until proven guilty”.

I’m pretty sure Foggy is the goofy onein the team!


Oh, i didn’t expect that. The guy from the bench works in prison and was hired by the creepy guy on the bench to kill Page.

She scratched his eyeball! This must have hurt!

Karen is in a very bad situation! She has some powerful enemies, but on the other hand, she has daredevil on her side! That’s a good thing!

Matt is a lie detector! She totally has the file! Matt may not be able to see her expression, but he knows!

I want to know who is the employer. Maybe is the season’s villain? I don’t know, but he has power and from what i can tell, he is bad!! And he has to do with the Allied Union.


Karen, where are you going? You are going to get in trouble. More than you already are.

Oh! I knew she had the file! Actually, Daredevil knew!

Ok, let me tell you something. This usb is awesome! They through it to the ground, leave it in the rain and it still works! Well done usb!

So, from what i can tell Karen will stay for more episodes. Maybe that makes her one of the main characters. But i don’t know yet what role she will have in the team.

Drug lord

GODDD! The last 5 minutes show a lot of corruption! Drugs, guns, trafficking… wow.. Daredevil, you better practice cause bad things are going to happen soon! Get ready!

This episode was awesome! Let’s recap!

In this episode we get to know the characters. We meet some of the good guys and some of the bad guys.

We start with Matt/Daredevil, and his friend Foggy. They are lawyers and in this episode they helped Karen Page. Karen was working for the Allied Union and she found out some things she shouldn’t have. They tried to kill her several times, but she is still alive and maybe she will be one of the main characters.

And then we meet the bad guys. We have a group of Russians, who are human traffickers. A Japanese guy that i have no clue what he does. A Chinese old woman that is a drug lord and a guy that sells guns. Maybe i got some of them wrong, but it’s still the first episode! We will learn more soon!


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