In the beginning of this episode we see Matt in a dumpster in a pretty bad shape. He was beaten by a group of Russian guys who had kidnapped a young boy. This is when we meet Claire. She is a nurse that is trying to help Matt. She heard about him before, the man with the black mask, and she knows that he is helping people. That is why she decided to help him in the first place. Actually, I think the boy that found Matt in the dumpster, knew who he was too, because he knew exactly who to call. Throughout the episode, we see Matt and Claire “bonding”, even though Claire seems very confused with Matt’s abilities and she trying to figure out how can a blind man fight and sense if someone is lying.


I knew Claire from Jessica Jones, because I saw it before Daredevil, so I was expecting her to make an appearance sooner or later! It turns out, it was sooner!

With the help of the flashbacks, we learn more about Matt’s past. He had a rough childhood and he’s been through a lot. His dad was paid to lose fights and he didn’t want his son to remember him like this, as a loser. He decided to win, even if it would be the last time. He knew this would get him killed, but he wanted to make his son proud and secure his future. It was heartbreaking to see little Matt finding his dad shot at the alley. He was very proud after his dad won the fight, and couldn’t believe what happened afterwards. I think this is what helped Matt become who he is. Despite his injuries, which include broken ribs and suffocation, he never felt defeated. He stood up and completed his goal. He fought the kidnappers and saved the young boy.


What can I say about Karen and Foggy! These two are having a great time in this episode. They get drunk and they are starting to bond after Karen confesses her fears to Foggy. Foggy is trying to convince Karen that the city is beautiful and harmless, while Matt is fighting human trafficking!


I loved the fight scene! People were flying around, objects were flying around. These guys had it coming! They couldn’t even punch Matt once! He is Daredevil after all! This was a great fighting scene! The choreography was awesome and the crew did some amazing stunts! Daredevil was clearly in pain, and exhausted but he didn’t give up! He kept punching and punching! He really deserved the victory!



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