This episode begins with a guy walking into a bowling alley only wanting to play, and he ends up brutally killing a man. He calmly kills him by breaking his skull, he then hides his gun and waits to be arrested. This guy really knows what he is doing. He plays innocent and surprised by how things turned out. After this attack, Matt and Foggy are requested to take this case. They first had some reservations but they decide to become his lawyers.


We also see Karen trying to decide what to do with Union Allied. The company wants her to sign a non-disclosure agreement to silence her. We can see that she is torn by that. On the one hand she want’s justice, after all they tried to kill her, and on the other hand she thinks about the danger she will get herself into if she doesn’t sign. She tried to talk to Danny’s wife, she wanted to find an ally in all this mess, but she had already signed the papers. So, she knew that only she was able to bring justice.


In this episode we also meet Ben Urich. He is a reporter working for a newspaper, who is trying to fight crime. He was the reporter who wrote about the Union Allied. And like many other reporters who are trying to do the right thing in other TV shows, he has a guy that is trying to convince him not to. We also learn that he has a family member (pretty sure it’s his wife) in a hospital, but we don’t learn many things about her. We understood how crucial his role will be in this show, when Karen when to him to talk about the UA. With his help, she will try to expose the crimes.


At the end of this episode, we see Daredevil fighting his “client” and asking information about his boss. After revealing his boss’s name “Wilson Fisk”, he commits suicide because he didn’t want to face the death of the people he cared about.


Matt seems like he does want to kill anyone, but this world is dangerous. This fight will always have casualties. 


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