Season 1 left us with a heart breaking finale. We got to see the characters lose family and friends, but also lose hope for a future. We get to know each character and see their reaction to this new world. It was a calm and mostly zombie-free first season. That’s where Season 2 comes in! In the beginning of this episode, we see L.A in flames and our team trying to get on the Abigail. Now, most of the city (if not all) is infected and trying to find someone to eat. So, they are trying to get to our people who are still fresh and alive! Although, i think the living are more dangerous that the dead. Our people have Abigail, and this is going to attract a lot of enemies. In this boat they have everything. They have food, water, shelter and most important, they don’t have zombies. A lot of people will be jealous of that and they will try to take this ship. It is good that our team has Strand and Daniel. They are smart and i think they will protect Abigail. 


Alicia! What are you doing? You should know better and not trust that guy! At first she doesn’t trust him, but we see her open up quickly. I’m pretty sure Jack isn’t who he said he was. Maybe he is the one that sunk that other ship. After Alicia told him about the water they have on Abigail, he got more interested on where that boat is. “See you soon”? Pff! Alicia you screw up! I’m pretty sure that until Alicia becomes a badass zombie-killer, she will mess up many times.  

Chris is going through the loss of his mother. Although, i don’t know if he is mad at his father for killing her before her death, or he is mad at his father for killing her without him knowing it. I think the thing Madison told him: “I will never let that happen to someone i love“, got him thinking. I think deep down he knows that his father had no choice, but Chris is hurting and he needs to be angry with someone in order to survive. And why did he jump in the ice cold ocean? Did he want to commit suicide? I don’t know, but i’m sure he doesn’t want to die. 

Nick has changed a lot since season 1. He isn’t afraid of going out there and figuring out how to survive this zombie apocalypse. We see him jump in the water to save Chris and he ends up swimming with zombies! I think what Strand said was right. Nick is not afraid of death. He faced death many times and he is not scared to face him again. Maybe that’s why he went alone to the sunken boat. He wasn’t afraid of the zombies swimming around him, nor what he might find under that boat. I really like where this character is going and i want to see what’s next for him! 


Strand has a lot of secrets! He is hiding many things from the group. I still don’t know if he is a friend or a foe, but the one thing i know, is that he keeps everyone alive. Without him or his boat, probably everyone would have turned by now. So, they must listen to him, cause after all this is his boat. 

Rule 1: It's my boat.
Rule 2: It is my boat
Rule 3: It's my goddamn boat
-Victor Strand

I don’t think he will sleep any time soon. If he decides to sleep, the others will invite on the boat everyone who is passing by. And they won’t have the boat for long. So, i think he is wise not to trust them. After all, it’s still episode one, but Alicia got the time to invite someone who will probably turn out to be a bad guy. 

In season 1 we met the characters and in season 2 we will we see them fight for their lives. I don’t know if they are going to stay on Abigail for long, but the one thing i’m sure of is that indeed, there is no safe harbor. They are going to face the dead and the living very soon. This is a survival game, and i really want to see who is going to win! I think this episode was a great start for season 2! I’m sure every episode of this season is going be epic! Get ready to be amazed with what’s coming!

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