So, the group decides to go towards the coast, in order to stay out of the enemy’s radar. There they found a family, which seemed nice but a little strange. Since the beginning of the episode, I knew something was off with that family. First we had the mother, Melissa, asking Madison strange questions. Then we had the father, George, thinking that the world already ended and that Mother Nature was fixing the world. The oldest son, Seth, was prepared for an apocalypse, and was more than ok with killing the dead ones. And finally we had two kids of the family, Harry and Willa. The first scene was them playing with the zombies. That couldn’t end well. And also, Harry said that with the pills his family would stay together. If that isn’t strange, then I don’t know what is. I’m pretty sure that the pills were a backup plan. If they couldn’t survive any longer, they would have the option to kill themselves. Probably the little girl didn’t want to leave her family, and that’s why she took the pills. So that her family could stay together. If you ask me, I’m glad the little boy stayed home with his brother, because I’m pretty sure he would have ended “looking at the flowers” (The walking dead reference). 

When I saw Nick looking for pills, I was afraid that he would do something stupid. But I’m glad he didn’t. Now that I think about it, I don’t know if he was looking for some drugs, or the pills Harry told him about. I think he was looking for drugs, but I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt. And in this episode, we saw the reason why Strand wanted Nick with him. He knew exactly where to look for the thing he wanted. He is a survivor and he can adapt easily. 


I have a feeling we are getting closer to finding out Strand‘s story. He wants to go to Mexico and he is talking with someone there, but who is it? I have no clue what his story is, and I know that if I try to guess, I would probably be wrong! 

Chris is still dealing with his mother’s death. I think he is the first one to kill zombies and enjoy it. Maybe he is trying to fight his anger and understand that what his father did was to prevent his mother from turning into one of those dead. 


My favorite lines of this episode:

“Put him back where you found him” -Strand

“You don’t decide who lives and who dies” – Madison


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