Episode 2×03 is the episode we finally get to see the plane from “Fear the Walking Dead: Flight 462”!  

In this episode we get to see the “kids” going to the beach to gather supplies from the abandoned suitcases. It was like a school trip with Daniel as the teacher. I’m pretty sure that the main reason Daniel went with the kids was to find meds for his daughter. He really doesn’t want to rely on anyone and he wants to protect his family on his own. But in zombie apocalypse you should have allies, you can’t survive it alone. Daniel will figure this out sooner or later. I am sure that Madison would always choose her kids over Daniel’s but that doesn’t mean she won’t protect Ofelia. Daniel is a survivor and he can kill zombies. In this group he the only one that can protect himself that easily. But, i this he is going to die soon. And maybe the main reason of his death is to see Ofelia standing on her own, without the protection of her father. Ofelia in these first episodes has done nothing but sit on the boat. I know she is hurt and she can’t go outside to kill some zombies, and that will hold her back. I want to see where this character is going, because I’m pretty sure Ofelia is going to survive for a long time!

Chris! I know you are looking for zombies to kill because you are still hurt and angry, but please stay with the group! I think what he had to do in this plane, will haunt him for a long time. It will make his stronger, but first i think it will bring him down. Maybe this kill will make him realize that his father had to kill Liza. Chris is turning into a zombie killer, unlike his father! 


I like where Nick is going! He doesn’t care about the zombies, and that is what keeps him alive. He is fearless and that makes him stronger. He realized that being covered in zombie’s blood makes him unnoticeable and I think he will use that a lot. He doesn’t care if he smells or not! And he knows everything about drugs and medicine and that is going to help the group a lot. It already has! At first Nick was one of my least favorite character and now he is becoming one of my favorite.


Alicia finally had the chance to kill a zombie. She is the most protected in the group and i don’t think she really understood what a zombie was, until now. Killing a zombie was a huge deal for her. And we see that when she asks Chris if he killed one. I’m glad Nick was there in time to save the day! Inside all this madness, Alicia really tries to keep her humanity and help Alex and Jake. I think she will be angry on the next episode when she finds out that Strand cut the rope and let Alex and Jake in the middle of nowhere. 


I think Alex is a very interesting character and despite the fact that she was left in the middle of nowhere, I really want to see her again and learn more about her story. She isn’t afraid of defending Jake and killing anyone that wants Jake dead. She knows how to survive in a zombie apocalypse and I think we will see her again in the future. As much as i wanted Alex to be part of the group, I really liked when Strand cut the rope. Because this will cause trouble on Abigail, and I love trouble! 


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