I think this episode taught us not to trust anyone! I don’t think these guys will cause many problems, because we are still in the beginning of the apocalypse and I don’t think they had the time to turn into something like the Governor, but who knows. Maybe they were crazy killers before the apocalypse too.

Ok, Ofelia needs to get out there and see what is going on first hand. She is still so naive and kind and that will get her killed. When they saw these guys getting on board, while Chris was freaking out about it, she welcomed them without questioning who they are. You don’t let a stranger in your home without asking who they are. I know that she thought they had a bleeding pregnant lady, but I think that looked even more suspicious.

Chris, I’m sorry to tell you that, but you should have shot them. He is so angry now, ever more than he already was. He think it’s his fault that his family is now in danger. He was weak and the bad guys saw that. Every time I see someone being weak, I have to remind myself that we are still in the beginning of the apocalypse and everyone has to adapt first in this new world. Also Chris is just a kid who went through a lot these past few months. His father “killed” his mother, a zombie apocalypse, he had to mercy kill someone and also he now has to live with this new and strange family. I’m pretty sure these things will bring him down. And I hope they won’t turn him into a bad guy.

Madison, where are you taking her? You don’t know her, you don’t know where she came from and you are happy to lead her inside the boat. After that, I’m pretty sure Madison won’t make the same mistake again.  Madison has a dark past and we can see it every time she has to make a tough decision. And also we she it in the way she talks to the pregnant lady. She knows her weakness and she is using it to get in her head.

Here is my theory for Madison’s past: Do you remember in the episode 2×01 when Madison was talking to Chris? She told him that when she was 13 years old she hit her father and it didn’t end well. So, I’m thinking that her dark past has something to do with her father. Maybe he was abusing her or her mother. Maybe she killed her father for that reason. In season 1, she hit Nick and we saw how devastated she was after that, maybe because she saw her father in herself.

In this episode we see how bad Alicia screwed up by talking to Jack on the radio. And I think she knows that. She knows it’s her fault these guys found Abigail and she wants to fix it. We see her talk to Jack and trying to win him and show him that he can trust her. I don’t know if this is all a plan or she is just being a teenager, but I hope it is. The look Alicia had when she hugged Jack, I think showed us that this is a plan. She doesn’t have feeling of any kind for Jack, she just wants to save her family. She was calm throughout the episode, like she was planning every move. I really hope I’m right, because she has to make things right.


Nick is crazy and I love him! He is fearless and strong. He is willing to risk his life and get out there than sitting in the boat doing nothing. Maybe that’s why he is not going to die any time soon. He is smart and he is trying to understand the zombies. Maybe he sees himself in them. When he was an addict, he was always looking for his next dose, he was always hungry. Just like zombies. They are walking around trying to find their next meal. That’s why he is not afraid of them. Because he was them. Strand was right to take him on the boat, because at this point I think he is the most skilled and zombie expert on the boat. I’m glad he found Luis and he finally changed his clothes! Although I’m pretty sure he will end up his old clothes in no time!


Finally, we learn about Strand’s past! Now I understand him and the way he talks. He learned that from his father and his mother is the reason he can’t trust anyone. And also, I thought Abigail was his daughter. I like how the creators didn’t choose the obvious! It made Strand’s storyline more interesting! If that’s possible! When Strand heard the bad guys he went for his gun, maybe to protect the group or maybe to protect his boat. But when he found out that Daniel messed with his stuff, he decided to leave as fast as he could. This was the first time we saw Strand so vulnerable. He seemed so strong and powerful when he was under the roof of his boat, but now not so much. He is in the sea alone without his radio and with a sinking boat. Now his powerful words can’t help him or save him. I think now that Madison saved him, their relationship will change. Strand always new that Madison was strong and a pain in the ass but he respected her for that. Like him, Madison will do anything to keep her family safe. Strand knows that the group had its reasons to let him die and take the boat, but Madison came back for him, that proves that they are indeed a team. Who knows, maybe now Strand will trust them.


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