I like how in this show when someone is hurt it takes time for him to recover, unlike other series that totally forget that the characters are human beings. We see that with Ofelia and her gunshot wound and now with Strand. We see him trying to recover from the hypothermia. The characters are humans and not superheroes, and that show makes this clear. That’s what I like about it! 


Nick is an addict and with or without drugs that doesn’t not change. Madison knows that and she doesn’t want Nick to fall in that rabbit hole again. Although she fears that he already has. I think Nick has skills and he is fearless, but if he continues the same way, i don’t think he will be around much.

What the hell Chris?? Ok, I know he is going through a lot, like many people on that boat, but we don’t see them take a gun and shoot everyone… He should really get himself together, because he is going crazy. And again, I think Madison sences that. And i also think that Chris is thinking he is going crazy too. From the moment Daniel left him watch the door, I knew things would turn ugly. 


Daniel is hearing voices?? That’s can’t be a good sign! If that guy goes crazy, we are screw! He is very important to this team and they need him. Although I believe that he is not going crazy. Maybe his past is catching up with him. He said: “In my time, I’ve known men who inspire fear. You know what they have in common? They never say how frightening they are.” He knows this kid is scared and he saying all those things to try to scare them. 

Alicia is developing fast. She is smart and she learning about this new world very fast. When she met Connor, we can see that she was trying to take in as much information as she could. Throughout the episode I wasn’t sure is she was acting with Jack or she kinda had feelings for him. Well, I sure she wouldn’t leave her family, when she smacked him in the head and when she locked that crazy pregnant lady in the cell! I’m pretty sure Alicia is going to become a badass just like her mother. 


What I really like about this show is that our characters have a plan and they are trying to follow it. In The Walking Dead, when there is a new villain, the group takes the time to plan their attack and kill him. When that is over, a new villain comes. That’s where FearTWD is different from TWD, at least for now!  That makes the show very interesting, because we know it’s not only about the villains.

P.S. Jack is totally gonna show up again! Watch out! Jack and Alex are not gone forever!


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