So, we finally arrive in Mexico! In the beginning we saw a scene in a church that was a little strange. I don’t know if they prepared to kill zombies or themselves. When I understood what Celia was doing,  I thought that maybe the people in church were trying to stop her. Well, they can’t tell us now, can they? 


After the shooting on the boat (which was expected), our group finally arrives at its destination. The environment was calm and everyone continued doing their everyday jobs. That was the first strange thing. In an apocalypse like that everyone changes. Anyway, if you didn’t find that strange, then a lady that talks about how the zombies are like the ghosts of our loved ones, should be able to make you question that environment. From what I’ve learned from all the post-apocalyptic shows i watch, is that if a place looks awesome and they ask you to leave your weapons outside, you should always, ALWAYS, stay outside with your weapons. 

Chris is crazy, now it is obvious. First, he sees Madison getting attacked by a walker, and he does nothing about it. Then when Alicia talked to him about it, he threatened her. Seriously? “You don’t want to hurt anyone?” You are a phycho-killer now? Anyway, after that, he goes into Alicia’s room and takes the knife… I don’t know if he wanted to stab them or do something else, but it looked bad. Maybe he wanted the knife for a salad. Who knows? 


Chris is not the only one who is going crazy. Daniel is joining the club. I think his past comes back to haunt him. Maybe Celia was right. Maybe Daniel is afraid of the dead. I think Ofelia senses that something is wrong with her father, will she be able to help though? 

Celia is going through a Hersel phase. Keeping the zombies in a room, feeding them puppies and thinking that they are indeed her loved ones sounds like Hersel. Well, Celia be careful, because i don’t think “your loved ones” will survive for long. I don’t think these zombies will survive with Madison and Strand in the house. I’m sure Madison doesn’t have the same beliefs as Celia and I’m sure Strand doesn’t either. If he did he wouldn’t have shot Abigail. 


P.S. Let’s all congratulate Ofelia for her first real zombie kill! It was about time!


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