In season 2, all hell breaks loose! We’ve seen some promos and teasers! I have a few things to say!

First of all, there are two threats in the sea. Zombies and humans. I think it would be awesome if zombies can swim! I would be very freaky! Watching the group in the sea would be awesome, because that’s something we may never see in TWD! In a promo we see a group of people on a small boat, that ask our people for help. I’m pretty sure, they will try to get on “our” boat and a fight is going to start! 

Also, we get a lot of scenes on land. I don’t know if those happen before getting on the boat, or after. Maybe they run out of food or they got thrown in the sea, so they had no choice but going towards the land. All i know is that a lot of zombies are waiting for them! 

I think Daniel has everything figured out. He is the one that says: “If this is the end of the world, it’s already over”. He knows what is happening, and that’s good, because he will do anything to protect the people he loves (Ofelia). 

Pretty much everyone in the promos are killing (or trying to kill) zombies. So, i think they finally realized that they are not sick people, but death machines. I want to see Madison’s change. Because i’m sure she will become a badass! 


Finally, the thing that scares me most, is the part where Alicia yells: “Look at him he’s dying!” Who is dying? Is he going to die? Will he turn? So many questions! Thank God the answers are coming on April 10th! Also, why is Nick covered in blood? i don’t think it’s his blood, but also i don’t think it’s a zombie’s blood. I think he killed someone, but who?


I can’t wait for the new season! Most of the group will turn into zombie killers! I think Madison, Nick and Alicia will be the first to become awesome zombie killers! Maybe Chris will still be devastated by his mother’s death and it will take him some time to calm down and start adapting to the new environment. Victor looks like he has a plan, but he needs the others for some reason. Maybe he is not the fighting type of guy and he needs people to protect him. I can’t wait! 😀


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