Oh my God! I can’t believe it! Finally two of the Stark siblings met! I am so happy about that, but knowing Game of Thrones, I am sure somebody is going to die soon. They don’t like leaving the audiance happy! The moment eveyone was waiting finally arrived! Sansa entered the gates of Castle Black before Jon Snow‘s departure. I was certain that Sansa would arrive the moment Jon decided to go, but thankfully that didn’t happen. Jon didn’t want to return to Winterfell because he is tired of fighting, but now that he found out that Ramsay has Rickon, i’m pretty sure he will help. Fighting Ramsay’s  5000 men ( actually with all the new allies i’m sure it’s aroung 1000) with only 2000 Wildlings, will be hard. I hope the north still remembers and the Stark still have some allies there, because if not, we are screwed! 


Let me tell you the truth, Daenerys was one of my favorite characters since the beginning of the show, but in the last season i was tired of all of her titles. She was only talking and she was nowhere near King’s Landing. But now! Wow! That scene was amazing! That’s the Tangaryen we all know! The unburned! She taught those a**holes a lesson! “You are not going to serve…You are going to die” *burn baby burn* I think now Daenerys has the biggest army! She has the unsullied, the dothraki, many people that she saved and let’s not forget the three dragons! I think she is more that capable of becoming the Queen! I hope she will succeed, because she has the tendency to loose what she gains.


Poor Osha! She was loyal to the Starks and Rickon and that’s what you get for trying to kill Ramsay. He is a phychopath but he knows not to trust anyone. Ok, let me imagine the conversation between the creators and Natalia Tena (Osha).

Creators: Hey Natalia! We have good news! Your character is returning to Game of Thrones!

Natalia: I am so happy about that! Where does my character appear?

Creators: In front of Ramsay.

Natalia: Shoot… I am going to die, aren’t I?

Creators: Weeeellll, in the next episode!


In Meereen, Tyrion tried to convince the masters to stop slavery during the next 7 years. He might think that this is a wise move, but Greyworm and Missandei don’t have the same opinion. I am sure that trusting the masters is not a a wise move and the people who lived in slavery won’t agree with that. It may cause trouble in Meereen. 

Littlefinger made his appearance for season 6! We see him manipulating Robin Arryn into helping him send soldiers up to save Sansa. Littlefinger can persuade him to do what he wants. Maybe he is trying to clean up the mess he caused. I don’t know what his plan is, but i don’t think i can fully trust that guy. I think that he wanted to cause trouble to Sansa, but you can never be sure with that guy!

Let’s all agree that it was great to see Brienne and Tormund “flirting”! That’s very uncommon in these series, so they should enjoy it while it lasts! 


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