OMG! I can’t believe what I saw! My favorite episode this season! So, let’s start from the beginning!


Cersei made her move and killed the people who humiliated her! *Shame, shame, shame! To be honest, I enjoyed her “conversation” with Septa Unella. She got what she deserved! From the moment that Cersei walked the “Shame” walk, I knew she was planning her revenge. In season 4 finale, Cersei said : “I will burn our house to the ground before I let that happen.”. She didn’t want to leave Tommen behind. When she realized that they’ve taken her son away from her, she did what she had to do to win him back. Although her actions backfired and Tommen killed himself. Joffrey was awful, but I believe that Tommen was worse, because he only did what others told him. At least now that Cersei rules, we will see some action! And I’m sure that any semblance of humanity she had in her, is now gone along with her son. Everyone should fear her, including Jamie.

Finally, R+L=J! I am so glad for that flashback! Good job Bran! I don’t know if I can wait a whole year to find out what’s going to happen with that storyline! Bran is going to castle black and I’m sure he will see Jon Snow very soon! I can’t wait for this meeting! Jon was named King of the North (with Lady Mormont’s help of course!) and I don’t think Sansa is very happy about that. Littlefinger’s words got to her and she is definitely thinking that she should be the one ruling Wintefell.

Daenerys is in the great game now! Finally, after all these seasons she is sailing to Westeros! And she has a huge army on her side and don’t forget the dragons! I can’t wait to see Cersei’s face when she sees all those ships and dragons! But this is Game of Thrones we are talking about, so it can be that easy! It won’t be easy for Daenerys to sit on the Iron Throne. And who knows, maybe she will meet her cousin! But i’m sure for one thing, Tyrion will serve her well as the Hand of the Queen!

Arya was the highlight of the episode for me! She quietly takes her revenge and she is working on her list! I was so excited when she took of that mask! Cake, anyone? Fresh from the oven!

This was a great finale and I’m sure now that Winter is here, Season 7 will be amazing!

Here are the characters that won’t be returning for Season 7:
1. Margaery Tyrell, Loras Tyrell, Mace tyrell
2. The High Sparrow, Brother Lancel Lannister, and many other Sparrows
3. King Tommen Baratheon
4. Grand Maester Pycelle
5. Walder Frey, Black Walder, Lothar


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