I’ve been seeing the series Shadowhunters on my Top picks list on Netflix, so I decided to start watching it! I haven’t seen the movie, so I have no clue what it’s about! Ok, let’s begin!


We see a group of people jumping and walking around and they are following that guy that changes his human form. So, from what I understand humans can’t see those guys, who i suppose are the shadowhunters. The redhead saw one of them, so she is clearly not a human.

We see the main character living a normal life, trying to work something out for her future.

What just happened to the biscotti? She can turn objects into drawings. What kind of power is that? Usually it’s the other way around! Although that power might come in handy if you are an artist! You don’t have to do all the work!

That cop is something too. I don’t think he is a shadowhunter though, because the others didn’t do the same thing with their eyes.

Your mother is trying to tell you something important! Just listen to her! I’m pretty sure something bad is going to happen on her 18th birthday! Please stop talking and let your mother tell you what she wants!


Wow! That’s one ugly frog! So, her mother has powers, and she decided to take her daughter’s memories to keep her safe. Because that always works out at the end!

So, we are back outside that club. Clary’s friends may think she is going crazy!

The guy in the club with the snake eyes is the guy that took Clary’s memories when she was a kid. And from what i can tell, the demons are the ones with the blue eyes.? It’s still a little confusing!

I liked the fight scene! Demons vs Shadowhunters! Their swords kinda remind me of lightsabers!

The guys that are after Clary’s mother are the bad shadowhunters? I guess they are.


Ouch! Dot’s death must have hurt a lot! It’s a shame, i liked that character!

God… It’s obvious that Luke lied to those two, to keep Clary and her mother safe. But of course Clary heard the only thing she shouldn’t have.


The bad guys caught Jocelyn,  and we found out that Dot was a warlock! And what’s up with that Circle team? And Mundanes are the humans? Ugh! So many questions!!

So, Simon knows the truth too now! And usually the human who knows the truth, always gets in trouble!

The first episode is over and I really liked it! Like I said, I haven’t watched the movie, nor read the book, so I don’t know if it’s the same, but I like it!

From what I understood, there are some people called shadowhunters that protect the humans from demons. And also there are people that have different powers, such as warlocks.  But, there is also a group of shadowhunters that are pretty bad, and they call themselves  The circle. The leader of this group is Valentine, who I think is Clary’s father. He seems like he cares about Jocelyn.

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