Oh Simon, you’ve  seen people appear in front of you, you’ve seen rooms change, and yet you still don’t believe that there are demons out there? Really? Many people have left the circle. Luke, Jocelyn, Hodge, and I’m pretty sure many others will follow.  Why did they even join The circle in the first place? Dot Luke’s place is a mess! He better call the ladies for the “How clean is your house” show! Wait, Dot died in the previous episode, right? What is she doing there? I have no clue how Warlocks work! Anyway, I’m pretty sure that Dot and Luke aren’t working for Valentine. Oh Dot, the circle got you again? I think you should be more careful! Silent brothers Jeez! The Silent Brothers are creeeeepy! And the word creepy is a compliment for these guys! But they work miracles! I knew it! Valentine is Clary’s father! Things are going to get messy!! Really Dot? Again? They killed you again? It is your destiny to die, isn’t it? Simon Isabelle, you had one job. To keep an eye on Simon. Leaving him in a van alone, was not a wise move, and now the Night children have him. Who are the night children anyway? I think we’ll find out soon!

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