Finally it’s here! 

“The commanders before me, they speak to me in my sleep” That can’t be good. I have a very bad feeling about this. It kinda reminds me of the city of light. And i’m sure that not only the previous commanders will think that lexa is betraying their legacy, but her people too. I really hope this doesn’t end badly.


Emerson!  I hate him! At least now we know that Roan will not turn against the coalition. ( I hope). So, from what I understand, the question was: “how did the ice nation know about the self destruct mechanism inside Mount Weather”. And the answer is Emerson, of course…To be honest, Emerson has the right to hate Clarke. She was the one that killed all of his people, but, I still hate him!

God, it’s just a kid. Pike’s followers are crazy. Thank god Octavia is still awesome!

Raven,  you may not believe that, but it really looks like drugs. I hope for your sake , that you are right, but I really don’t think so.

So, Pike’s plan is to go to a village, kill all the villagers that live there, and plant corn. Really? And people are still following him? Are you kidding me? Someone please kill him…

Bellamy, you better not agree with this one too. You better not…Oh Bellamy, what did you do…You’re dead to me, and I’m pretty sure you are dead to Octavia too.

What is the role of Titus there, if no one is listening to him! He talks and talks but nothing changes. Poor Titus.. And I think he really doesn’t like where the Lexa’s relationship with Clarke is going.

lexa clarke

So, Lexa is trying to convince Clarke not to kill someone? That’s new! Usually it was the other way around!

raven alie jaha

Raven, please don’t help ALIE. You might like what you are feeling right now, but trust me when I say, that you won’t like it for long!

Poor Octavia, she is really trying to keep the peace, but she will get in trouble.

kane abby

Sure Abby, call it “hope”. Whatever you feel comfortable with! 😛 Not the kind of kiss everyone was waiting for, but sure, that’ll do!

See? Octavia is in trouble. She always tries to help and she is the one that gets blamed for what is happening.

Clarke just listen to Titus. I think he is right this time. He knows that people won’t accept this new way of life that easy. And seriously Clarke, stop saying “my people”. They are not yours anymore. They changed and they’re Pike’s.

abby jaha jasper

Please Jasper don’t take that  “pill”. NO! Please don’t. Oh thank God Abby! Put some sense in him! Wait, Jaha forgot his son? That’s how they get over pain? By forgetting ? This are going to get crazier! If that’s even possible!

Jesus, you took the pill too? Everyone is crazy in Arkadia…

Oh, now you are shouting “Monty”? You took him with you to massacre a village and now you are yelling? People died because of Pike’s stupidity. He thinks he can lead, but he is not a leader.

emerson clarke

I knew Clarke wouldn’t kill Emerson. Am I the only one who thinks that Emerson will come back?

I really hope this will not get Lexa killed. She is a visionary, but I don’t think her people are.

“May you live forever”? Clarke I think this is where “May we meet again” goes. Because I’m pretty sure that you will.

Titus? Titus has Murphy? I did not expect that! Titus is not so “poor” after all… He knows a lot of things. He is definitely not clueless…


POLarIS? What is happening?? This episode is awesome!!

So, the tattoo on Lexa’s back may be the Polaris falling from the sky? I have a bad feeling about this!!

So many questions! These series are getting better and better! I can’t wait to see what’s next!

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