When i’m watching an episode, i like to keep some notes, so that i can make a review afterwards. In this episode i couldn’t write anything, because i had a hard time holding my brain where it is. oh boy, where to begin with! Ok, i’ll take a deep breath and just start writing!

Becca – Sacred Symbol

I was trying to understand what was Becca doing to her blood. I think she is the first Natblida, so she must have done something  to it. In this episode, we found out that Becca was trying to create a version 2 of ALIE, to help the human race to survive.  The people in the Ark wanted to destroy her research, so she decided to leave the Ark and get down to earth in Polaris. In order for ALIE 2.0 to survive(?), Becca inserted her in her nape. She also took with her the case where she stored the black  liquid/blood. I think that this liquid was helping Becca survive the radiation, but also the A.I to be able to live inside the  human body. On the ground Becca found some survivors, the Grounders. Maybe she injected some of them with the black liquid, so  that she could give ALIE 2.0 to someone else someday. I am sure that the Grounders saw her as a God, because she fell from the  sky and saved them.


I don’t know how the next generations have black blood too. Maybe they inherit it, or maybe they still have  the first samples and they inject them to some children.


Titus in the end of the episode, calls ALIE 2.0 the commander spirit, and that it will choose the next commander. Does this mean  that it “walks” to the next Natblida, or that they inject it to someone and they see if it stays in? When Lexa talks about her tattoo, she says that she has a black circle for every Natblida that died before ALIE choose her. But i don’t know if they die because their body is not strong enough, or because they kill them. We will find out more about that soon. 

becca lexa symbol


I used to say that he was right in a lot of things, but now i really hate him, so i won’t agree with him in anything else. In this episode he did one terrible thing after the other. First, he was torturing Murphy, to learn more about the sacred symbol. Murphy was telling him everything he knew, about Jaha, Polaris, but Titus believes so much in his “God”, that he didn’t want to believe a word. After that he told Lexa that her mistakes costed Costia her life. Wrong move buddy. For Lexa to include Azgeda into the coalition was very difficult, but she did it because it was the right thing to do for her people (I stole that phrase from Clarke!) And last, but definitely not least, he wanted to kill Clarke, so that Lexa could be a “better” commander, and he ended up killing Lexa. Oh boy… I will get to that in a bit..


Lexa, before her death, asked Titus to promise that he will not try to hurt Clarke ever again. And he did so. But what if the next commander doesn’t want Clark alive? Will then Titus believe that the spirit is not the one making the commander? I believe that the next commander will be Ontari. The girl that Queen Nia brought with her. And i’m pretty sure that she doesn’t like Clarke, so she will want to kill her. I hope then Titus sees that it is not Lexa’s spirit in Ontari and that everything he believe till this day was wrong. As much as i want him to find out the truth, i want him to pay for the st*pid thing he did. After all, He believed that “Jus Drein Jus Daun” was the right way!


Poor Octavia, you get hit in the face, in every single episode! Your nose should be broken by now! So, you think Lexa’s choice take measures against Skaikru is unreasonable? Trikru (and by Trikru, i mean Lexa) wanted peace with Skaikru, but Pike messed everything up twice… Lexa still didn’t want to kill everyone so she send her army to keep an eye on Skaikru. That is completely reasonable. And yet, you ask yourself, how can Clarke stand by Lexa after all that she did. What did she do exactly? Anyway.

octavia indra

You did the right thing going to Indra. After the massacre, she stopped believing in herself and i think Octavia can remind her who she was. Octavia and Indra can really help bring down Pike and his people. They are strong and they know how to fight. And i’m sure Octavia needs some guidance now. I want to find out how they will react after they learn about Lexa’s death, by Titus’ hand. Indra will be so devastated.


Let me begin by saying that i believe Lexa can go in the City of Light. In one scene we see her meditating, the same way Jaha is when he visits the CoL. The thing she has in her maybe gives her a passage to the CoL. Maybe that’s why she told Clarke that death is not the end. I think because of ALIE 2.0, Lexa doesn’t have the side effects that the others have. If she did, she wouldn’t be pissed about Costia. So, if she is in the CoL, she is safe. (I hope).


Let’s talk about Lexa’s tattoo for a second. She says she did it on her ascension day. She has a dark circle for every Nightbleeder that died before ALIE choose her. But Clarke said that one circle is missing. Who might that be? Because clearly Lexa didn’t want to talk about that. Maybe the Natblida that are not capable of carrying ALIE, are killed by the hand of the new commander, and the last Natblida was Costia. Lexa didn’t want to kill Costia and that’s why the Azgeda thought that she was special to Lexa. I really don’t know but that looks possible!

Poor Lexa, she finally found out how Clarke was feeling about her, and she didn’t have the time to enjoy it. Everything happened so fast in this episode, and i still hear the screams of some fans. Their screams will echo throughout infinity. Lexa didn’t deserve this death. She was a great commander and a great warrior. A stray bullet shouldn’t have been the thing that could kill her. And i can’t believe it was shot by the hand of her teacher, who was trying to protect her.



lexa dies

I don’t know what Clarke would feel. I’m pretty sure it’ll be a mix of pain, devastation, anger, hatred and i really don’t think she will say “Jus no drein jus daun” anymore. At least she got the chance to show Lexa her feelings, before it’s too late.

clarke lexa kiss

I want Clarke to go back to Arkadia and finally kill Pike. Something that no one has the guts to do. He is the one who started all this. Oh Pike…You better die this season…You better…

Anyway, I just want to say “Yu gonplei ste odon” to the fans who died out there.

giphy (2)

Wow..This episode almost killed me…So many things happened, that i still can’t believe. If we forget about Lexa’s death, the episode was awesome and full of questions and answers. I really want to see what is going to happen to Arkadia, once Clarke, Octavia and Indra arrive. I hope i see Pike’s death!

Alycia Debnam Carey was a great addition to the show and the way she portrayed Lexa was awesome. She could show so many feelings only using her eyes. She did a great job and she will be missed on the show.

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