I came to a point, where i don’t think i can hate this guy more than i already do! He is like a crazy dictator that wants people to worship him and follow his orders without questioning them. He is ready to kill everyone that stands in his way and nothing will stop him. Killing Kane as an example?? Really dude? You were together on the Ark and he is your people. Wanting to kill the grounders is one thing (even if this is crazy too), but killing your people..? I don’t want Pike to die,  i want him to see the pain that his actions will cause to “his” people. And after that of course, to die!

I think the people will retaliate and finally go with the right side, but i’m afraid that this will happen when it’s already too late. Someone will die by Pike’s hand, and i don’t want to know who will it be…Maybe Kane, Lincoln and Sinclair will all pay the prize…



Bellamy, get yourself together. I beg you. You didn’t believe Kane when he told you that Pike is going to start killing Arkadians, and now, look at what you’ve done. You should have left Kane leave Arkadia and deliver Pike to the grounders. My friend you are a pawn and you are doing every st*pid thing Pike tells you to do. I’m glad that you didn’t tell Monty’s mother about Miller and Harper. And now that i mentioned Monty’s mother, have i told you before how much i hate her? I really do. Let’s pray that Bellamy will return to his old self, and i won’t hate him as much as her.


There are four possibilities of how all this will go down. (that i can think of right now)

1st: No one dies, with the help of Bellamy. Our crew will forgive him a little ways down the road. Happy ending for most of the characters!

2nd: Lincoln dies. Octavia will get so pissed with Bellamy, and i don’t think she will forgive him. I don’t think anyone will be able to forgive him. I know that Pike is the reason their lives are in danger, but Bellamy was helping him along the way. So, it’s his fault too.

3rd: Kane dies. Arkadians will get very angry, and especially Abby. Lincoln’s death may not have a big impact on Arkadians, but Kane’s will. He is Skaikru. And let’s face it, Bellamy will take the fault again.

4th: Everyone that it’s a prisoner dies. Well i can only say that this will cause a revolution in Arkadia and i don’t think there’ll be a Skaikru anymore.

I’m sure there more possibilities, but i think those are the ones that are more possible to happen. Let’s pray for number one…

Anyway, I don’t know if Everyone is going to forgive Bellamy, but the one thing i know is that i’m not going to forgive him any time soon…



Poor Raven…Again you end up unhappy. If you are strong enough to survive some bullets and some bombs, then you are strong enough to fight ALIE. She is destroying you and finally, with Jasper’s help you realize that. I think Raven is the only one that has the knowledge to fight and destroy ALIE. She will need some help, but i think she can do it! Please Raven, figure this out, because so many people need you. Please be Season 1 Raven!

As much as i want to believe that Jasper saw the damage that CoL does, i think he will take the pill. Only Raven can stop him. She has to show him that remembering the death of the ones you love is hard, but forgetting their existence is even harder. Because the people you love are part of who you are. Forget them and you forget your purpose in life.

I missed the grounders in this episode. And also i missed Clarke, Octavia and Indra.  Too many people i hate were on this one. At least we get to see Bellamy realizing the things he’s done. (I hope). I really look forward to see what will happen with Clarke and Octavia. And how they are going to enter Arkadia.

And let me tell you this. I saw the trailer for the next episode, and all i want to say is that i’m scared Murphy was not in it. In episode 07, we saw the grounders locking Murphy and Clarke in the room. Where is Murphy?? And i fear that this music is showing that someone is going to die O_O

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