What is happening?? Everyone is dying! Pfff! So, everything is going down the hill in Arkadia. I’m pretty sure a war is going to start from within. There are three sides. The good, The bad, and The ones that don’t know what to choose and keep jumping from team to team! *cough**cough* I don’t want to say names! I’m sure you’ll get it!  It was very ironic when Monty asked ” After all we’ve been through, you can’t trust me?” Really Monty? You helped Pike catch Kane and Sinclair! And you constantly keep helping your mother. So, no. They can’t trust you! 

Bellamy, now you decided to change teams? Boy, your sister is very angry at you! I loved that “hug”! Nice job Octavia! He really needs to understand that what he’s done is terrible, and a small talk will not change things. A “sorry” can not make things right all the time. I was hoping for a punch, or even a slap! If not from Octavia, then from Indra. Bellamy, get ready dude, because the look Octavia gave to Pike, will affect you. Right now she can’t get close to Pike, but she has you chained up in a cave, so you are closer! 


Poor Lincoln. He was always a good person. He did his best to help everyone from day one. And he died to protect this people! He is a true hero and an amazing character! I still can’t believe he is gone. This death will have a huge impact on Octavia. This will break her, or make her stronger. I hope for the second one. We saw her change completely since season 1, and she became a true warrior, so i don’t want to see her character going to waste. She should stay strong.


Yu gonplei ste odon Lincoln com Trikru. May we meet again!

Αnd inside all this darkeness of this episode, the Kabby kiss finally happened! Although, I fear that one of them is going to be added on the Dead list soon. 

Kane: May we meet again Abby: We will. That kinda reminds me of Raven-Finn last conversation! Anyway…


So, we saw Lexa again. Dead. Under a white cloth…I still can’t get over this death. Titus was clearly devastated in this episode. Everything he did in this episode, was to honor Lexa. He first tried to protect Clarke from Ontari. He made a promise to Lexa and he kept it. Then he decided to give the flame to Clarke. After all, he knows that she is going to protect it with her life! She really thinks that Lexa is in that flame, and she will do anything to keep her safe and as far as possible from Ontari. Titus died for Lexa. He died so that Clarke can have her best chance at finding Luna and protecting the chip! He didn’t want to help Ontari, because he knew that she wouldn’t honor Lexa’s wishes.


Titus, yu gonplei ste odon too! I’m gonna say this phrase a lot for this episode! 

We finally found out about the Natblida number 8! i didn’t expect her to be Luna! I’m excited to see where this story will go! And i’m glad Lexa didn’t send a team to follow Luna and kill her! That decision is going to save us now! And Titus said that Ontari and Luna are the last Nightbloods. Like, forever? Or for this generation? 


Ontari….I HATE HER!! I really do! First she tries to kill Clarke and then she murders all the other Natblida while they were sleeping…She is a coward and she really doesn’t deserve being the commander. Aden, poor boy! He really wanted to make Lexa proud! He would have become a great commander, and everyone would have lived happily ever after. But life is not easy on this show, is it? And i hate that people will think that she has the spirit of the commander inside her. Clarke needs to find Luna fast! I mean, really fast! 


Poor Murphy, he gets knocked down again! I’m pretty sure his face is going to change with all the punches and bruises! I fear for his life now that he is alone in Polis with no one to back him up. And everyone dies nowadays, so…

 My favorite lines of this episode:

  1. Harper : Does your mum know you’re here, Monty?

  2. Lincoln: [Any last words?] Not for you

  3. Octavia: [You need me] For the first time in my life, that’s not true

  4. Titus: This abomination will never ascend.*cuts his throat* For Lexa.

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