In this episode we see how crazy, powerful and messed up Alie is! Anyway, let’s talk about one thing at a time!



Dude! You had it coming. And i think he deserved more punches! Octavia is going through one of the most difficult times in her life and now she doesn’t even have her brother to back her up. She completely lost hope on him and i don’t think this will change any time soon. Bellamy helped Pike and that got Lincoln killed. I don’t know how Bellamy’s relationship with Octavia can recover from that. They’ve been through a lot, but never something like that. Octavia feels betrayed and i think she will have that feeling for a long time. I know Bellamy in the end helped them and leaded Pike to the grounders, but that cannot change what he’s done. I can’t lie, i enjoyed the beating scene, Bellamy messed so many things up. I know most of it was Pike, but Bellamy helped a lot. Kane asked Bellamy, if he helped them for his sister, or he did it because it was the right thing to do. I’m pretty sure Bellamy did it for his sister. He still believes that the grounders are “bad” and “killers”. And also Octavia is right, Jus drein jus daun. And she is pissed! 



Oh boy! he has a very messed up relationship with his mother! Really messed up. From the moment I heard that Pike knew about Monty, I knew something was wrong. I knew it was all a plan. Monty, you should stop trusting your mother. I hear people telling that she went through a lot when she was with the other group and together with Pike, she witnessed grounders kill her family and friends. But i can’t understand how this justifies her using her son to catch their people and kill them. This is crazy…

Ontari – Murphy


Ontari is CRAZY! She is indeed an abomination! I’m really looking forward to see what she’ll do to Pike! Although, i am afraid that the same thing will happen to Kane! He really shouldn’t go to Polis! Ontari is nothing like Lexa. She will kill him without a second thought! She thinks that she is the commander and she will kill to prove that to “her” people. I still can’t believe she blinded that ambassador! She is insane! 


I know some people ship Murphy and Ontari, but what the hell Murphy??  You are sleeping with the “enemy”! And i’m pretty sure you don’t do it just in order to survive! I just began to like you! Poor Emori! 

Alie and the zombie army

Things got out of hand! Now everyone is turning into mindless human beings. Alie followers. I like how the others are returning to Arkadia to tell “their” people what happened, and all they will find is Alie’s army! They are going to be like: “No, nope..Never mind, we are leaving now!” The way Alie made Raven to give up, was cruel. I can’t imagine the pain Raven had to suffer. Those feelings broke Raven, and now she had to face them all together. She is strong, but i don’t think anyone could have survived this. I also found Raven with Alie’s voice creepy AF! I’m glad that didn’t last long! 


At this point, Abby was the only logical person left in Arkadia and now she is gone too. And Abby has a huge influence to the Arkadians, and that is what helped Alie build the army.  I think everyone (Pike) should have been fighting against Jaha and not against each other. The army that is in the city of light, is huge and it will affect a lot of people. I’m pretty sure a war is going to start in the CoL and there are going to be a lot of casualties! There are still a lot of great characters left on this show, waiting to be killed. *cough* *Lexa and Lincoln* *cough*


Jasper is our only hope now! He should tell everything to Clarke, and with her help they must bring down the zombies! They should look for a bracelet, to finish Raven’s plan. I think i know were they will find that bracelet! (hint: i’m pretty sure we will see an old character again). And i can’t believe Clarke only showed up for a few seconds and she almost died two times O_o. I don’t want any more deaths! Seriously, everyone just stay alive! 


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