Wow! What an episode! First of all, Lindsey Morgan’s performance was amazing. She deserves applause! This episode’s name should have been “Raven’s exorcism”. The 100 had some bad moments this season that made people question its future, but the season’s storyline is getting better and better. With every episode that passes, we get deeper into the AI’s (artificial intelligence) storyline, and it is fascinating. 


Raven, under ALIE’s influence, was cruel and she had some badass lines. She can really piss someone off! At first we see Raven go completely nuts! She even dislocated her own shoulder! After that escape plan failed, she moved to plan B. She decided to play mind games with everyone there. And she was really winning!  Every single phrase that came out of her mouth could make someone go crazy. In the beginning of this episode, ALIE had the upper hand. After all she had Raven by her side. I think Raven is one the most intelligent and powerful characters in this show. So, whoever has her on their side, will be the winner of this war! Thank God, they managed to get this chip out of her! Welcome back Raven! We missed you! I still believe bad things are going to happen to her, because she is Raven! And bad things always happen to Raven…


Monty! He had to do something in this episode that will change him forever. Killing his mother will haunt him for a long time. Maybe for forever. And the thing that will destroy him, is the thought that he could have saved Hannah by removing the chip. Well, I feel bad for Monty, but I don’t feel bad about Hannah’s death. Hannah is the same with and without the chip. She didn’t have the chip when she betrayed her son in the previous episode, she did that on her own. 


Bellamy, in this episode, had the time to really think what he did with Pike. And everyone helped with that. First we have Octavia. She feels hurt and angry and she lets her brother know that. Their relationship will never be the same and Bellamy knows that. The only thing that can make everything the way it was is to bring back Lincoln, which is impossible. Then we have Raven. She reminds Bellamy all the things he’s done. The deaths in season 1, the deaths in season 2 and the deaths in season 3! Bellamy is one of the characters that have a lot of blood on their hands. And finally, last but not least, we have Niylah. She is there to remind Bellamy that the people he killed were good people with families. And her father was one of those people. If I was Niylah, I wouldn’t want Skaikru in my house either. Bellamy the word sorry is not going to bring those people back. Did you know that Bob Morley (Bellamy) broke his hand in this episode? 

I think Jasper went through a lot in this episode. Having to deal with Clarke and listening to Raven’s speech!  I believe that Raven spoke the truth. Everyone has lost someone in this series, but they moved on so that they can survive and protect their people. Jasper on the other hand, fell into a rabbit hole and he is really depressed. I really liked his scene with Clarke and the chip. Jasper could have broken the chip and make Clarke feel how he feels, but he decided to give the chip back to her. That shows what a great person Jasper is. He might hurt inside, but he is now seeking revenge. 

ALIE lost the fight in this episode. And she also lost one of her greatest assets, Raven. I think without Raven, there are not many things that she can do. And that is good! I want ALIE gone! 


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