I knew it! From the moment Clarke let Emerson live, I knew he would come back and mess everything up! I kinda understand why he did that. Clarke killed all of his people, so he wanted Clarke to go through the same thing. After all, it is a world where everyone is doing whatever it takes to keep their people safe. And Emerson was trying to take revenge for what happened to his people. I still hate him though 😛

Using the flame to kill Emerson was a very smart move. That must have hurt Emerson a lot! He really thought he won this fight, but no one should mess with Clarke! 


To tell you the truth, this episode had some clichés! Miller was telling the scary story and then when Emerson took him, everyone thought he was joking. Then Clarke and Monty following the music and finding a carousel. Well, there were some more clichés, but these two are the highlights. 

Poor Raven! After all she’s been through, she lost Sinclair too. He was like a father to her and she really loved him. I think we haven’t seen Raven mourn Sinclair’s death. Everything happened so fast and Raven didn’t have the time to process what happened. Sinclair died to protect Raven, to protect the closest think he had to a family, to protect this brilliant mind. I hope he didn’t die in vain.  Because I’m afraid Monty will mess everything up. That look he had when Clarke, Bellamy,Octavia and Jasper left, was the look of a guy that is going to do something stupid. MAybe the look was for Jasper, but i have my doubts! He think he can his mother is still in the City of Light and i don’t think he will let Raven destroy ALIE. I really don’t want to know what he is going to do. 


Not Emori too! I really don’t know how Jaha had the time to find Emori, chip her and then arrive at Polis before Kane with Pike! At first, it didn’t make sense when Emori was looking at the walls of the sacred room with excitement, but when i found out that she took the chip, then i understood! I’m pretty sure ALIE was waiting to see that room for a long time! And she finally succeeded. Not only to see these walls, but to take Polis. She is now the commander. The grounders may not see her, but they will listen to Ontari. And I’m pretty sure everyone in Polis will take the pill. Ontari will command them to take it. 


ALIE’s storyline is amazing! I can’t wait to see what her next move is going to be and how our group is going to bring her down! And i really want to see Luna! I don’t think that it’ll be easy to find her, but i hope they will! 


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