Lunaaa! Finally! I really hope I won’t end up hating her! Well, in this episode we see some flashbacks. Pike had to teach the 100 earth survival skills and as it was expected no one was paying attention, except Octavia who was locked underground and now she finds everything interesting. I don’t think these flashbacks were necessary, but it was nice to see the group happy and clueless. And it was nice to see Pike as a teacher and not as a dictator. Murphy’s fate is to get punch wherever he goes. Space and ground. But as he said, he survived!


Speaking of Pike, why is he still alive?? He is not not going to die any time soon, is he? Indra was right to cut him 300 times. Jus drein jus daun. I’m happy to see Indra in that cell, because that means she didn’t take the chip. Although I wanted to she her reaction with the new commander. She left in a hurry to go see the new commander and she ended up in a cell. I knew Indra wouldn’t take the chip, but i’m scared she won’t live past this season. 

Bellamy, are you really asking Octavia how much longer is she going to be angry with you? You helped Pike, the man that killed Lincoln, his blood is on your hands too, so I’m guessing that she is not going to forgive you any time soon. You really messed up this time. And telling her it’s her fault because she didn’t trust you??? What are you thinking?

Polis is a mess! Having the commander on her side was a great move for ALIE. The situation is out of control and the group must do something fast! We lost Kane too, so the only sane skaikru that is left in Polis, is Murphy and Pike, so we are in trouble! I like Murphy now, but he really knows how to screw things up! Murphy knows that Pike is going to help them get out of this prison, that’s why he told Indra to keep him alive, but that doesn’t mean that he is going to help him after all this is over. Murphy knows how to use people so that he can survive. We see that happen with Ontari too. He saw a chance and he took it. He should have known that Ontari was not strong enough. She listened to Jaha without even thinking about it. She is not born to rule, but to follow rules. Because of her, now ALIE has a lot of minds in the CoL and that makes her even smarter. She is everywhere. I’m glad Clarke and the others are in the middle of the ocean and ALIE can’t get to them. And I also think the guys in Arkadia are also safe. For now at least.

Luna and the boat people are smart! Living in the middle of nowhere is a great idea. Maybe that’s why they survived that long. Luna was described as a coward who run from responsibilities, but all I saw was a very smart woman. She knows how to survive without having to kill. She told us that she doesn’t want to kill anymore. We haven’t seen a lot of her in this episode, and i don’t think we will see her in the next too. Also, I want to see what her relationship with Lincoln and Lexa was. Because I’m pretty sure Lexa wouldn’t just let her live without a good reason. Luna is going to play a big part in these last episodes and with the flame or not, she is going to help. I don’t think she will take the flame, and at this point i don’t think it will make any difference. Polis has fallen and a new commander won’t change that. We are all depending on Raven to find how to beat ALIE without anyone having to take the flame. We didn’t see Raven in this episode, but i’m sure her brilliant mind is working on something! 


Some of the people that are not under ALIE’s influence: Clarke, Bellamy, Octavia, Raven, Jasper, Monty, Miller, Murphy, Harper, Indra, Pike(he is crazy without ALIE’s help), Bryan.


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