In this episode we learn more about Luna and her past. She is a strong character and she protects her people. Once Luna said that she left the conclave because she was the strongest and she would have to fight Lexa to the death, i knew she would prove that soon. And then ALIE happened! It was a peaceful little community and then Skaikru came and turned everything upside down. Just like Jasper said, “It’s what we do”. But now, I don’t blame them, they had to find Luna and give her the flame. It was the only way to destroy ALIE. But now that Luna refused to take the flame and she saw what the chip does to people, I don’t know if she will help. The group needs to find another way to defeat the A.I. 

luna clarke

When Luna refused to take the flame, Clarke tried to forcibly put the flame inside Luna. I think she should have been faster! I know it wasn’t “nice” to put the flame into Luna without her permition, but Clarke had no other choice. And what’s with everyone in this group. They blame Clarke for everything, but once they have to make a choice , they all look at Clarke. Poor Clarke, she has so much weight on her shoulders. 

Ok, let me tell you that when I heard Hannah, i was scared to see what Monty would do, but he did the right thing. He had to kill his mother once and that destroyed him and now he had to do it again. He knew that was his mother and not a trick and he “killed” her so that Raven can destroy ALIE once and for all. I think now that he knows that he killed her for nothing, he will change completely.  I think he will do his best to destroy ALIE. 


So, ALIE had managed to transmit herself into the Ark. Things are going from bad to worse. How can she be destroyed now? Can someone fly back up? I find that impossible, but this show continues to amaze me. Maybe Raven will find a way to destroy her from the earth. I’m pretty sure the last two episodes will be amazing!

In Polis everyone is under ALIE’s control. They only people (I think) that are not, are Indra, Pike and Murphy! They had one job, to destroy the backpack, and they decided to leave Murphy do that, the only one that was influenced by Emori…Pike you were too late. 


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