What an episode! It kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time! Sadly, in this episode, luck didn’t knock on our team’s door, and I hope this will change in the season’s finale! 


The failure is divided into two groups. One in Arkadia and one in Polis. In Arkadia, Jasper really screwed up. I was afraid he was going to take the chip, but I started to have some doubts. I was wrong. The moment he started talking to Monty, I knew that he had taken the chip. Raven had a chance to destroy ALIE, but with Harper’s life on the line, I think they will surrender to Jasper/ALIE. I can’t wait for Jasper to come back and realize what he’s done. Oh boy, he really messed everything up. I know is going through a lot, but this is a post-apocalyptic world! Monty killed his mother not once, but twice, and he is still himself, but Jasper went to a happy village and he decided to take the chip. Jasper I don’t like you right now, at all…I think some of the people left in Arkadia will die in this season’s finale. I think Jasper will be one of them, because this season he went down the hill and I don’t think he will be able to survive after he realizes he nearly killed his best friend. I hope he doesn’t die because he was one of my favorites in these series, but most of my favorites like to die. 


In Polis, our group was ambushed and their plan completely failed. Clarke was taken by ALIE’s minions and she was tortured physically and mentally. I’m glad she didn’t tell the password when they threatened Abby. If she did, ALIE would have won. Clarke did what she had to do. I feel sorry for Abby, but right now Clarke is more important. I had a feeling Abby would survive this “suicide” and I’m glad I was right! Now with Ontari gone, Clarke starts to freak out. In my opinion, Ontari’s death didn’t change anything. Ontari isn’t the “helping” type of person, so I don’t think she would have helped destroy ALIE even if she took the flame. I think everyone starts to freak out, not only Clarke. But each one has his reasons.

Octavia can’t stand being around Pike and she can’t believe Indra is working with him. Pike is in trouble now and to be honest, I really want Octavia to kill him. My favorites are dying and he is still around! Dude, just die already! Michael Beach (Pike) is a great actor, but I still want Pike gone!

It is so nice to see how much Indra has changed over the seasons. In the beginning she didn’t even want to hear about Skaikru and she wanted all of them dead. But now, she risks herself to save Kane. I hope both of them survived the explosion, although I have a bad feeling about Indra. At least if she dies, she will die protecting someone!

What happened to Roan? Is he alive or is he dead? I liked this guy since the beginning of this season. I hope he is not dead, he is the King of Azgeda! 


ALIE won the battle in this episode and she is now a few steps ahead of our guys, but I’m pretty sure she will lose in the finale. After all, they can’t kill everyone on this show! We have a season 4! 


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