Oh my God! This episode had me at the edge of my seat! Literally! From the beginning till the end, it was full of suspense! From where to begin! 

Clarke gets the flame and the chip, with the help of an “almost-dead” Ontari! Finally Ontari helped! So, Clarke enters the City of Light and everything looks extremely creepy! Everyone including Jasper is smiling and completely ignoring Clarke! All this must be very strange for Clarke, because she has never seen a city like that. At least in real life! I’m glad Clarke is the one to enter the CoL, because she figured out the infinite symbol path quickly! Clarke is very smart, and no matter how many people keep blaming her for everything, she always takes the right decision.


While Clarke is trying to figure out what’s going on in the CoL, back in Polis everyone is trying to get to Clarke. People are climbing the building like Spiderman and i can’t believe how quickly they arrived at the top! And now that we need every “sane” man alive, Octavia tries to kill Pike. I get you Octavia, you want him dead, I do too, but maybe wait until Clarke saves the world (again) to do it! How many furniture does this room have?? Seriously, they built a mountain in front of every door! 

Leeexaaaaa! Lexa‘s return is the highlight of this episode. I am so happy to see her again! Although, I have to see my favorite character getting killed for the second time, but what can we do… The entrance scene was epic! Lexa jumping around and killing everyone proves that she is a true warrior! And thank you Lexa for punching Jasper! He really needed that! Clarke cannot believe that she sees Lexa again. It must be hard for her to know that she is going to lose her once more. But that’s Clarke’s fate, to sacrifice everything for her people. And I can’t even begin to talk about Lexa’s last scene where she jumped in slow motion! It was awesome! That was the end she deserved! Fighting to save everyone, like a warrior that she is! 


Clarke has to pull yet another lever to save her people. What’s up with that girl and levers? This was the most stressful moment for Clarke. ALIE telling her that the world is going to die in a few months if she pulls that lever, and Becca counting down next to her. Come on Becca you didn’t make it easy for Clarke. Like when you have an exam and you are writing fast to finish on time, and the teacher comes next to you and yells “you have 5 more minutes left”. 


The moment everyone came to their senses was very devastating. Everyone was finally realizing what they have done. I can’t believe that when Jasper “woke up” he didn’t apologize to his best friend for stabbing him, but he said he was happy in CoL? Really dude? I will say this again, Monty had to kill his mother twice, but he is still trying to save others. Jasper you were not happy, you were brainwashed. There is a difference. Without pain you cannot see the happiness.

Poor Clarke, I’m 99% sure everyone is going to blame her for what is going to happen to earth. That’s what they do. Clarke is pulling a lever and then everyone balmes her! I’m going to die if season 4 ends with Clarke pulling a lever! 

A big applause to Raven! With her “magic” Clarke was able to find the door to the switch! I am so glad Raven is still around. She can somehow fix everything! I’m sure she is going to help save earth next season too! 

Bellamy finally realized that what he did with Pike was wrong. And he now sees that Octavia is following the same path. She is grieving Lincoln and that can make her do things she will regret. I’m sure she is not going to kill 300 people for no reason, but, anyway! 

Finally Pike is dead! Octavia finally takes her revenge, because she still believes that blood must have blood. And in this situation, i do too! Although she killed him a few minutes after he saved her life. But at this point, i don’t think that Octavia cares about her life. She believes that with Lincoln she lost her life and her people too.


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P.S. Did you notice that while everyone is safe and sound (for now) and hugging each other, Indra is still down probably bleeding to death. I hope someone helped her. 


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