In this season of Game of Thrones we should start preparing for a war!

The night’s watch have the smallest army, and i’m not sure how they can defend the wall when the enormous army of White Walkers arrive.

Wildlings have 2000 men and a giant. They can fight, but their army is still small.

Bolton has 5000 men, but with his new allies it can reach 11000 men. So, it will be difficult to get Winterfell back!

Daenerys had a big win in the last episode. Now she has the Dothraki on her side, so now she is the one with the biggest army! And let’s not forget the 3 dragons!

And Let’s not forget the White Walkers! They are a lot and they are coming. And also i don’t think the White Walkers leave their women and children home, they are probably taking them to the war with them, so their army is every person that ever died! Good Luck! 



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