“Daryl, Abraham and Sasha face-off against the Saviors. In Alexandria, Rick and his group make their way through the herd.”

This episode is going to be awesome! I’m scared to find out who Negan is…

Oh sh*t! They are going to die, aren’t they?  My heart is pounding!

Jesus! Thank you Daryl! That’s why i love you!

burning head

“Nimble on that”, Oh , Abraham you are awesome!

If this is the first scene of the episode, i’m afraid to see what’s going to follow!


I have a bad feeling about this! I remember that in the last scene of the previous episode, Sam started to freak out. He is waiting the right moment to do something st*pid!   

Gabriel is going to take Judith? Ok…

Sam  just listen to your mother and go stay in the church…You can’t keep going..That’s the point. You are already freaked out. Oh God..


Morgan…I forgot how much i hated that guy. Him and his stick. You better change your ideas my friend, cause i really hate you!


Enid, just get yourself together and help! Finally! You decided to help! That’s good! Because Glenn really needs some healp now.

I’m afraid of the doctor’s life. Usually the doctors don’t survive for a long time. And she is witht his creepy dude, and that’s a disadvantage.

walking in the dark

Wait a second, it’s dark and they are still walking? I love how time passes by in this show 😛

Something is going to happen! I can feel it…

Sam, what are you doing? Oh God…Sam keep walking…Carol what did you do to him. SAM KEEP WALKINGGGGG… Jesus!!

sam zombies

What is everyone doing! Stop screaming! Jessie too? I really thought she would live longer! What is happening??

OMG! She cut her hand! What is Ron doing with that gun?

ron gun

Finally Michonne! It was about time! Where were you?

Oh GOD! Carl? Where’s your eye?


I’m speechless…I knew something bad was going to happen, but this? This was too much!

Ok, let me say something about Eugene. He is a coward and all of us can see it. But, i really think he is trying his best to fight this feeling, and become a part of the team. Someone that helps. I think he finally found a little bit of courage inside him, and we have to thank Rosita for that. For the things she told him when they were practicing. She is cruel to him, but i think that’s what Eugene needs.

The wolf came back for the doctor? It’s a little late to change , don’t you think Wolf? Really Carol? Now you decided to kill him? You should have done it ages ago..

Rick, just went outside.. Release the Kraken!

That’s awesome, finally they everyone is working as a team! And Gabriel? Finally!

Maggie please don’t fall! No more deaths in this episode! Glenn must really love Maggie!  That guy really attracts a lot of zombies!


I like Abraham and his laugh! He is a good character! He had some problems, but he has skills!

burning zombies

Burning those walkers was a great idea! Burn them all!

I loved the last fighting scene! It was epic! 😀

WOA! This episode was awesome! So much action! I love this show!

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