How long has it been since the last episode? Everyone looks happy and Alexandria is so clean and calm! What happened?

daryl rick

Rick and Daryl hit a Jackpot! So many things that will help Alexandria! How come no one found that place before?

Who is that guy? I don’t think he is running from zombies! If he did that, i don’t think he would still be alive. He looks like a smart guy with a plan!

Guys, don’t leave the truck alone with that guy! You should have known better! This guy looked like he was leading them into a trap. Come on guys! Six seasons, and you didn’t think of that!
Do they really think they are going to catch the truck by running behind it? I think that’s impossible.


Who is that walker? Clearly is someone from Alexandria, but i don’t remember who had a wound in the left leg…Carl, if you let it live, i hope it won’t end up killing someone.

jesus 2

Jesus, literally Jesus! Who is that guy? Chuck Norris? How can he be tied up and in seconds to climb up the truck? He is going to cause a lot of trouble!


That was a huge waste of food! When you find a truck like that, you better keep it safe!


Ok, now we know who the zombie was! Carl you were right not to kill her. Her son should have been the one to do it! 

michonne rick

I did not see that one coming!i thought they were just friends! Come on Rick, in the previous episode you were seeing flashbacks of Jessie, and now you are kissing Michonne? Well, Michonne, be careful, because every woman Rick kisses ends up dead!

And i have no clue how Jesus escaped again…He is something! 

I think this episode was an introduction to the new character and what he is capable of! If he ends up good, i think he’ll be a great addition to the show!

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