When the zombies/ Wolfs attacked Alexandria, they left a huge mess behind.  People did the best they could to fix the walls, clean the roads from the dead and make Alexadria look like it did before. But that it’s not enough. There isn’t enough food to feed all the citizens and is something that can cause problems. We learn that Alexandria can exchange goods with Jesus’s camp. The war with Negan will leave many dead behind, but starvation can do that too. Our team has no other choice, but fight Negan and his people. Alexandria really needs a boost right now, because it is falling apart fast.



In this episode Abraham has a love related dilemma. Stay with Rosita or go with Sasha. We can see that he cares about Rosita but his heart is torn in half. He is starting questioning the future and if he should start a family.  When Abraham almost killed that guy from the other camp, he told them that when he though his life has ended, he saw his wife, his love.  That’s what happened to Abraham when that guy was choking him. But we didn’t see who he saw. I’m pretty sure it was Sasha. And when he stood up, the necklace that Rosita gave him fell on the floor. I think this is a sign that he knows who he should end up with.



What can I say about this guy. I think he means well and the crew should trust him. For now at least. He knows that his camp is in trouble with Negan and that they can’t win a war with spears. I don’t think our people should be threatened by this new camp. Maybe it should be the other way around! As the history tells us, our people like to leave a mess wherever they go! And everything turns to dust once they leave!  I still don’t understand though, how Jesus can escape without anyone noticing him.  I think he is a great character, and he will bring something new to the show!



These people have a good thing going there! But once our people arrive there, everything will change! Our crew have that impact on places! They usually turn them to dust! Anyway, we first meet the guards. Two people on top of the fence, holding spears. On the inside we see people taking care of the animals, washing clothes, talking. Just a normal and calm camp. I’m not quite sure how they managed to survive this long, but ok!


Then, we meet Gregory! A guy that will be eaten by a zombie as soon as he goes out the Hilltop door! We can see that he is the kind of guy who was always inside his precious palace and never got the chance to fight. He is used to giving orders and leading people. That’s why he thought he could control our people too. And Maggie. But Maggie figured him out quickly and knew how to talk to him.


Glenn Maggie

After Lory’s death during birth, I have a bad feeling about this. I don’t think two people will die during birth in this show,  but I also don’t think that two babies can survive either. Maggie is lucky they met the doctor that can help her during her pregnancy.  Also I think this pregnancy affected Abraham, and showed him that he can plan the future and don’t give up hope. 

Also, in this episode, we can see Maggie take Deanna’s place. Rick trusts her to negotiate with the other camp, and I think she is doing it right. At first Gregory had the upper hand, but after the attack, Maggie knew what she had to do. She convinced him to give Alexandria half of his food. The same amount of food that Negan was taking. At the end Jesus told them that not even Negan took that much food, so points on Maggie! She turned out to as good as Deanna at this job, if not better!


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