This episode was very confusing! I don’t know what to think! I want to finally see Negan and what he will bring on the table. If this was indeed one of his camps , he must be really angry with our people and he must be preparing to punch back. And this punch will be a hard one. What our people did, was logical, but it also was bad. They murdered those people while they were sleeping. It wasn’t a fair fight. Maybe that is what will piss Negan more.

Was I the only one that  was really scared when Glenn and Heath where shouting when the door was closed? I thought they had shot someone from our group! My heart was pounding! Thank God, they didn’t kill anyone that they weren’t supposed to!


Abraham…What you told to Rosita was bad! Maybe you should have said “It’s not you, it’s me”. That line is way better, than the one you told her!


Maggie, I strongly believe that you should have stayed home. Going to war, is not what pregnant women do. Now that Negan(?) took you, Glenn will be angry and that can cloud his judgment and maybe that will cost him his life..




What can I say about this guy… He thinks that everyone can change and everyone is good on the inside. This is not even true in real life. These people tried to kill Daryl, Abraham and Sasha. And also if they had the chance, they would have killed everyone in Alexandria. They think they rule the world now and they want to prove their strength to everyone. It’s true, 1 out of 10 Negan’s people may be good on the inside. But Morgan, my friend, you should really change the way you think, because one day this will get you killed.



I think Sam’s death really affected her. She is kinda responsible for what happened. She scared this kid so much, and that ended up killing his whole family. I think Carol’s place is out there, fighting. Not inside baking cookies. She contributed a lot to this group since the beginning and I don’t like to see her sitting inside Alexandria doing nothing.

We all have to agree that the Daryl-Carol thing is not going to happen any time soon (if it happens) . Carol’s character is made to be a fighter. I don’t think she is the loving kind of person. And I think I got used to her as a badass character and I can’t get used to her having a relationship and being a “housewife”.

Negan Story


I am confused! Our people went and killed everyone in another camp, thinking that they were Negan’s people. I highly doubt that, but ok… Negan was not one of them, and I’m sure of that. Negan is supposed to be this very bad villain, and we haven’t even seen his face yet. I think he will be responsible for a lot of deaths in Alexandria.


These photos that Glenn saw in one of the rooms, I’m pretty sure have something to do with Negan. Maybe there are people from this camp that Negan killed.

And what’s with the women at the end. Are they from this camp? Are they helping Negan? We’ll find out in the next episode ( I hope). And maybe Maggie and Carol will be the first to finally see Negan. Oh boy… There will be so much blood next week. And some of it will be from our group.

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