Carol was the MVP of this episode! The moment she put the Cross in her pocket, I knew she had a plan.  Let’s start at the beginning! When Maggie wanted to kill that guy, Carol didn’t want to. Many ghosts of her past haunt her. She was trying really hard not to kill anyone else. She didn’t want to fall down that rabbit hole again. The moment she realized that Maggie’s life was in danger , she couldn’t just sit there and do nothing. She knew that those deaths would follow her, but she had to save Maggie’s life. Maybe if she was alone, she wouldn’t have killed those people.


In this episode, we see Carol pretend to be a religious, housewife, that means no harm. I’m not quite sure if she did that because she had a plan from the beginning and she wanted to mislead the enemy, or because she really didn’t want to kill anyone.  After her first kill for the episode, we see her kill again and again.  Not only the people that were inside this place, but also the ones that came to their rescue. And Carol killed those with the worst way possible. She burnt them alive. That’s harsh!


Maggie was pretty good in this episode too. She wasn’t afraid to talk to the enemy and she wouldn’t tell anything about Alexandria, even with a gun pointed at her. She knew she would have to kill those people, since the beginning of this episode.  She was very angry that again she was caught by a group of people who threatened to kill her, and now, it’s not only her, they threaten, but her unborn baby too. Maybe she was tired of the same thing happening again and again. That’s why she told Glenn that she couldn’t do that anymore. Maybe she wants to live in peace for a while, not thinking about walkers and humans.

Then, we meet some of Negan’s people.

  1. The guy that was shot in the first 5 minutes of the episode, and holds a grudge against Carol.

  2. The redhead who is too “tough” for this world. She tells us how many people she killed and how many things she’s gone through and tells us this cute story about the carrot, the egg and the coffee.

  3. The old lady who is slowly dying ( I would guess lung cancer).

  4. The other woman with the 9 ½ fingers, that seems to be sensitive about Maggie’s condition, but still wants to kill her (cut her belly open).

Well, this is a group of people that wouldn’t be able to survive in a battle against our guys. Once we’ve learn a little more about them, I was sure they would be dead by the end of the episode.

A young woman was having a hard time and told her mom she wanted to give up, so her mom went to the kitchen and started boiling three pots of water. She put a carrot in one, an egg in another, and ground coffee beans in the last one. After they had boiled a while, her mom said, “look, all three things went through the same boiling water. The carrot went in strong and came out soft. The egg was fragile and came out hard. But the coffee beans changed the water itself.”

“We are Negan”

That’s bullsh*t. Negan exists and he is out there! I’m sure of it! This “I am Negan” tactic is to protect Negan.  Our people won’t see Negan coming.  And as I said before, I think many people will die soon. The two people that are most in danger, are Tara and Heath. They are alone and most probably in the middle of nowhere. If I was Negan, I would attack there first.

Anyway, this episode was pretty cool. It was good seeing Carol being a badass again! I hope her “craziness” won’t get out of line, but I’m pretty sure she can control it! I’m really looking forward to see Negan’s face! Maybe I won’t be so keen of that after he kills our people, but until then, let’s look forward to it!  


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