In this episode, we see many times how a day is going in Alexandria. We see Gabriel having a gun and guarding the camp, Morgan building a prison cell and practicing with this stick of his and carol smoking, a lot! First of all what is Morgan up to? He is quiet the last few episodes and I’m sure he is going to do something bad. When we learned that carol left, Morgan had a very strange look on his face! Oh my god… What is he planning?


Carol, where are you going? A fight is coming and the group needs you. Maybe the creators sent her away, so that she can return and save the day like the old good days! (Terminus reference!)



Eugene is clearly the MVP of this episode. He wanted to make everyone believe in him and believe that he’s changed and he did it! Even Abraham welcomed him to stage 2. Of course he would, for the sake of the group he freakin bit Dwight’s d***! Cleaver move! And also turning the bad guy’s attention to Abraham was a very strategic move that gave our people the chance to fight back. I wasn’t a fan of Eugene and I still don’t think I like him very much, but I can see that he is trying his best to help. Not only he is learning how to fight, but he has a plan for producing ammo. That is going to help our group a lot. Although, after the attack, I don’t think they will go back to that place soon. 


I think Eugene is going to become a great asset to our group. At least I hope he will. After all these seasons, he should finally become an asset! I think the creators of this show have a plan for him, I don’t think they kept him alive all these seasons for no reason.




Daryl feels responsible for what happened to Denise. He didn’t want to kill Dwight and now that turned against him. I think after this episode he will change the way he sees other survivors. We’ve seen Daryl being hurt many times, but I think this is different. I think he will go outside and do something stupid, he survived many seasons but now I fear for his life.




Poor Denise. Since the moment she told Daryl and Rosita that she wants to go outside, I knew something bad would happen to her. But I really thought that a zombie would have been the one to kill her. I didn’t expect that arrow. And right after that awesome speech. I really think she should have stayed back in Alexandria. She was the doctor and she was very useful to the group. They really need to make a list with the people that are allowed to go outside! People are dying! At this point, I don’t think anyone from the original Alexandria citizens will survive past this season. They are all doomed! And especially after the doctor’s death. I feel sad about Tara, she won’t be able to believe what happened when she returns home. And I think it will have a negative impact on her.



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