OK, this episode may have been a little slow, but it left us speechless a few times! We see the group separated (once again) and going on different missions. We have Daryl going after Dwight, Michonne-Glenn-Rosita going after Daryl, Carol leaving camp, Rick-Morgan going after Carol and finally, we have the group that stayed home. 



I really don’t know what was Daryl thinking in this episode. He went outside without thinking the consequences and he did something stupid (as we saw in the last seconds of the episode). Albert Einstein said “Stupidity is doing the same thing, over and over again, but expecting different results.” Clearly the characters in this show don’t know this quote and they keep going out alone. In this episode, Daryl not only puts himself in danger, but the others too. I know he didn’t want to be followed, but he must have known by now, that the group wouldn’t leave him alone out there. They are a team now and no one should be working alone. Let’s talk about the last seconds for a minute. WHAT WAS THAT?? I really hope nothing happened to Daryl, because as we all know “If Daryl dies, we riot!”. I don’t think he was shot in the head or the heart, because the Saviors want him alive for some reason. I have a bad feeling about this! After all, the next episode is the seasons’s finale, so, i’m expecting some deaths…



This guys decided to go outside and find Daryl. They should know, that no one can change Daryl’s mind that easily. He went out there to seek revenge, and he won’t stop. But these guys had to go out anyway, because they feared for Daryl’s life. AAAnd they ended up tied up. They are sitting ducks now, and the savior will take advantage of that. I’m pretty sure one of them will die (if not more). I really hope for Carol to turn up and save them, like good old days! For a zombie apocalypse, there are a lot of people walking around and crossing paths.  And i knew from the moment that i saw Glenn and Michonne walking the other way, that they would be the ones to cross paths with Dwight. All hell will break loose in the next episode!




Oh, Carol, why did you leave? You didn’t want to kill people anymore, and you left, so that you don’t have to, but still you had an automatic up your sleeve! She is a badass character, and we all should agree on that! I love the faces of the bad guys when she begs for them to leave. They think that she is so scared. Well, she is scared, not because she is afraid of getting killed, but because she is afraid of killing again. I can say that she is a death machine! Release the kraken! 

The_Walking_Dead_6x15_Carol_Versus_The_Saviors (1)


I haven’t seen this duo alone in a while! I can understand why Rick would want to find Carol, but Morgan? I knew this team wouldn’t work for long outside, because Rick is a cold blooded killer, and Morgan, weeeell… he is not. When Morgan was telling the story about the wolf, i really thought he would get punched in the face by Rick, but then he mentioned Carl and Rick’s heart melted. Pfff, I was really waiting for that punch though! Maybe some people will agree with me, when I say that I really don’t like Morgan. I think he is going to help save our guys from Dwight, and he will end up a hero. But as much as I want to see our people safe and victorious, I really don’t want to see Morgan the hero! 


And besides all these crazy things that are happening outside the walls, we have Maggie losing her baby(maybe). Wait a minute….! What if the baby is eating it’s way out…?! Just saying… And now that Denise is gone, i don’t think anyone would be able to help her. Maybe that guy that was with Jesus (i have no clue what his name was :P), but i don’t think she would be able to survive until they arrive there. I don’t know what to expect in the next episode! I am so excited to finally see Negan, but i’m not excited to see what he’ll bring on the table.


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