OK, first of all, let’s talk about what happened in this episode. We see the group (Rick, Carl, Abraham, Eugene and Sasha) trying to get Maggie to Hilltop. I can say that they failed, just a little bit! All the roads were closed by the saviors. That means that the saviors were following them and they knew their next moves. So, our group decides to leave Eugene with the truck and continue on foot. As if there weren’t any saviors around to see that! Guys, come on! You should have known better. I’m 95% sure that Maggie lost the baby, and her life is hanging by a thread. Why is every single skilled person outside Alexandria? Alexandria really needs to be protected now! I know Maggie needs help, but leaving Alexandria without protection, is a stupid move. Look were it got us! 

Eugene character had a lot of development in the last few episodes and I can’t believe I will say that, but if he dies, I’ll be sad to see him go. I believe he is smart and he is really helping the team (finally!).
Morgan, shot a savior!! I can’t belive it! He knew he would have to do that, sooner or later. He really wants to save Carol and I think he will succeed. Carol, please get yourself together! You are living in a zombie apocalypse and you should not feel this way for trying to survive. And who are the guys that Morgan and Carol met? I haven’t read the comics so I’m clueless! Well, these guys seem nice! I hope they are, because I don’t need another villain right now! I hope they are not saviors!


Negan – Lucille

This villain is awesome! I know he will cause some problems but I still think he is awesome! Jeffrey Dean Morgan is a great addition to this show and his monologue was great! Negan makes the Governor look like a child’s play! Negan is strong and he wants to show his power and his disappointment with Rick’s group. I love Lucille! This weapon is one of my favorites in this show! Well,I hate to see who will get hit with Lucille, it is going to hurt a lot! Also, let’s not forget the look on Rick’s face. That terrified and defeated look! He knew there was nothing he could do to save his people. He was helpless.



Well, I’ll be lying if I said that I wasn’t disappointed by this finale. I was waiting more things to happen. I really liked how they introduced Negan, but in my opinion that should have happened a lot sooner. I was expecting at least one death, something to shock me. There were so many assumptions about the last episode and some of the were great. I was so excited about this “90 minute” finale, but it kinda let me down. They wanted to attract more people in the season 7 premiere, but I think they handled the second half of this season wrong. I’m pretty sure The Walking Dead fans are going to watch season 7, they don’t need a cliffhanger to make them watch it!  We were walking towards this great villain and the excitement was enormous, but they decided to show Negan in the last minutes of the last episode. And we didn’t even see what he’s done. I don’t know how they are planning to keep this a secret for 7 months, and I think after all these months, the excitement will not be as great. Anyway, at least we had these great performances! Everyone in the cast did a great job! 

See you all next season!

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